Güleryüz A.Ş Produces a Bus to the World

Güleryüz is the bus manufacturer in Bursa. 1967 was established in order to realize the production of bodywork of damaged vehicles. Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Renault provided by different chassis, bus bodybuilding continued to operate. 1982 began manufacturing double-decker buses using Volvo and Daf chassis.

In 1996, Güleryüz started production of various Municipal and Public buses on 9 and 12 meters MAN and Mercedes chassis. Today we have 400 bus production capacity with 720 personnel and 28 has become the export company to the country. 8 produces 40's international market and 60 az xNUMX ğı domestic market.

Although Guler Karoseri and Otomotiv started exporting by selling their buses on the chassis bought from abroad in 1991, the first exportation under its own brand started in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania in 2004 and then Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Libya and Exports to Azerbaijan. About 22 exports to the country. 220 LF, 280LF, GD160, GL9, GL9L, GM180, GD272LF, GD190LF, overhead double-decker, GM280, GD272, double-decker 13 is available in different models.

Today, Güleryüz Cobra Buses are offered to the market in 2000. Today, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana and Antalya have become the most popular urban public transportation buses by public bus operators.

In 2010, Güleryüz Otomotiv started a new project with Germany EVOBUS GmbH and started to work with Mercedes-Benz dealers. started the production of luxury buses and became the superstructure partner of Daimler AG.

Güleryüz is moving rapidly towards becoming a global brand by introducing many innovations thanks to Cobra vehicles design, planning and access to consumers with one hundred percent domestic capital, changing concept and strategies pursued in company management.

Source : I www.ilhamipektas.co



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