Istanbul New Airport Name Mustafa Kemal Olsun

Hürriyet newspaper writer Ahmet Hakan also joined the polemic of the name of the new airport, which started with the tweet of Habertürk author Sevilay Yılman.

Habertürk writer Sevilay Yılman made a controversial claim about what the name of the third airport in Istanbul would be, and shared it on Twitter the day before, "The name of the third airport will be Abdulhamid Han Airport".

Yilman also explained why he deleted this tweet by saying “I regret it like donkeys” in his column.

However, after Sevilay Yılman's “Abdülhamit Han” claim, another suggestion came from Hürriyet writer Ahmet Hakan. Hakan said that the name of the new airport should be "Mustafa Kemal Airport".

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