Nostalgic Tram on the Road in Düzce

An occasional trolley in Düzce, on the track, had to wait for half an hour due to an insensitive driver being parked on the pedestrianized road.

The tram line, along with the tram line, continues to come in negative. This time, an insensitive driver at the site of the Great Mosque, the tram line was closed to the car parked where the car happened.

The tram had to stop because of the parking of the vehicle on the rail track where the tram was passing along with the passengers. The tram could not move because the car driver could not be reached for about half an hour.

Citizens in the tram have also rebelled because the tram was waiting for the car driver. Due to the fact that the tram could not move, the passengers had to walk to their destination.



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