EGO Buses and Metro No Ramp to End of 2018

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna answered the questions of Melik Yiğitel, representative of 24 TV Ankara.

President Tuna, who made important statements on the agenda of the capital, made evaluations on many issues ranging from local elections to transportation, from ANKAPARK to Eryaman Stadium.


Responding to the question of whether he will run again in the upcoming local elections, President Tuna stressed that the party would give the ruling of the AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the party's authorized bodies and said:

Ileri The competent bodies of our party nominate candidates to win the elections. This is the case for all parties. As a result, it is necessary to nominate the winner. This is a research study. I will not run as a candidate. I tried to make the best use of every task given to me by the AK Party. My working principle is to hold on to work as if it would be done until it dies and to be ready as if to leave it in half an hour. If such a task is given to me and the citizen in my favor, I will fulfill the task given by my party in the best way. Böyle


He summarized the process in relation to the ANKAPARK tender with the following words:

Iz I hope we have a favorable offer and we will run this place. The municipality cannot operate this place. Because it's sensitive. Not everyone can do every job, for example, I can not do brain surgery. Every job has a master. It's a professional business. The operation and maintenance of toys is a separate business. There are companies linked to overseas, who do this job, offers are also. This is a sensitive and risky business and not a municipality. Bu


Underlining that there will be no increase until the end of 2018 to the public transportation vehicles of the Municipality in Ankara, President Tuna emphasized that they would not raise additional Metro and Ankaray for EGO buses.

President Tuna, dolmuşlarının is not a situation related to the municipality hike, this issue is not within the scope of the municipality, he said.


Stating that they are trying to make decisions with the priorities of citizens and social municipalities, President Tuna also clarified the debates on the price of Halk Ekmek prices.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna said, una By the end of 2018, our citizens will eat bread at the same price. We need to have a stance against these economic pressures. We have to be with our citizens. Forcing our facilities to the end, we need to support the basic needs of our citizens İmkan.


President Tuna stated that they continue to make the infrastructure works that they started at the critical points causing flooding as a result of excessive rainfall and that they first aim to complete these works at a critical point in 15.

: Akay Junction, which affects our citizens in particular, makes this work in different places at 15 in the region and XNUMX in order to prevent the flood disaster in Mamak Boğaziçi Quarter again, Kav said President Tuna.

De There are similar places in other parts of Ankara, but we couldn't go through it all because of both season and terms. However, gradually we will realize all of this in the next period. We are quickly installing new rainwater lines and sewer lines to prevent floods from excessive rainfall. Aşırı


While carrying out infrastructure works, Tuna stated that they carried out a sensitive work without damaging the different lines such as natural gas, telephone and electricity. We targeted this. Working day and night, fine fine embroidery work continues as such. Hopefully with the opening of the schools we will complete them. In particular, we will finish the Red Crescent line. I hope we will try to open the Red Crescent before 17 September''he said.


Noting that the stat construction in Eryaman was given to the contractor for the land and therefore no payment was paid, President Tuna also answered the question of when Eryaman Stadium would be opened:

Üyor The contractor is also working. He stated that there were some delays due to the recent economic troubles only in the supply of some materials. I hope they're done. The contractor is also diligently working on this. In addition, our Minister of Youth and Sports is also interested directly. They support their support. We endeavor with unity at the point of completion. I hope there is less to reach the stadium of Ankaragüçlü sports fans and Ankara. Ag

Reminiscent of the ongoing 19 May Stadium, which will continue the destruction of the new stat President Tuna, said: ı This is very important for our Ankara and UEFA standards will be a stat. I hope to be a statue worthy of Ankara. Thanks to this, Mr. President and his team are following daily. Bun


Mayor Tuna, who gave information about the underpasses and the crossroads which are under construction by the municipality, made the following statements:

Id The construction of the lower crossover in Kepekli continues. While the additional work on the overpass is underway in Akköprü, the work on these three points continues to resolve the problems in the Akyurt-Çubuk Airport transformation in front of Türk Telekom. Bilkent Hospital in the direction of Eskişehir going to the hospital again began to build a bridge. We also have a bridge work to relieve the roads around Hacettepe University. Because Bilkent Hospital will be opened in the coming days there will be a heavy traffic. There are also serious studies on this. Regarding this issue, both the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transport to hand in hand, this region will be a density of traffic density, but the minimization of our road works to minimize it continues quickly. Bu


President Tuna, citizen will continue to implement the priority decisions by giving the message, ols We support the economy of foreign economic pressure against our citizens, a morale for what we have possible with the purpose of the reduction we are realizing these discounts. What is a municipality? To present the possibilities of the nation to the service of the nation. So we are in an effort to do this. Our basic duty is to offer our citizens more beautiful services as our facilities develop. İmkan

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