Police Teams Tighten Public Transport Inspections in Diyarbakır

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Municipal Police teams, public transport services in the city, public transportation vehicles cleaning, seat pollution and regulations and regulations that must comply with the drivers are doing.

During the summer months when the air temperatures are above the norms, the municipal police teams of the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality conduct inspections on public cleaning, seat contamination and layout, installation of a badge for the drivers and compliance with the rules. In order to enable citizens to use the public transportation vehicles without any problem, the police work to stop the vehicles at the stops and the vehicles are on the road.

The controls are executed by 24 separate team of 2 personality. In the inspections under the Public Transport Regulation, the police intercepted minibuses and public buses. The crews warned the drivers about the general cleanliness, the pollution of the seats and the non-smoking. Police teams apply criminal proceedings against vehicles that do not comply with the Regulation on Public Transport. Punishment teams who are impoverished in their vehicles and broken public transport vehicles, the police teams, also by the citizens 'Alo 153' phone line to evaluate the complaints immediately intervening.

Police Department Traffic Branch Office teams will carry out the inspections periodically in different points of the city.

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