Countdown Begins in Denizli New Environment Road

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which greatly relaxed the city traffic with its transportation projects, came to an end on the new 50 meter wide ring road. Tens of thousands of vehicles will not enter the city center traffic with the new 50 meters wide ring road that will be connected to Bozburun Köprülü intersection after Hal Köprülü Interchange. Dozens of neighborhoods will easily reach İzmir and Ankara road with the giant project.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken new measures to increase the number of population and vehicles, as well as the successful transportation projects carried out throughout the city, has come to an end in the construction of the new ring road of 50 meters. In this context, the new 50 meter-wide new ring road will be connected to the Hal Junction at Üçler Boulevard; 1200 Houses, Yenişehir, Justice, Silver, Üçler, Göveçlik, Yenişafak, Hisar, Hallaçlar, Barutçular, Bereketak, Çakmak, Kadılar and dozens of neighborhoods in the Karahasanlı district will reach the Izmir Boulevard, Bozburun road and from here to Ankara safely. The new ring road will consist of 4 departures, 4 arrivals, 2 parking space, bike path and bus pockets. In both directions, there will also be 3 smart junction on the ring road where the sidewalk is located.

Tens of thousands of vehicles will no longer enter the city center

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to the city kazanTens of thousands of vehicles that have to enter the city center traffic every day with the giant project that it will bring, using the new 50-meter wide ring road, from İzmir Boulevard or Bozburun road to 1200 Evler, Yenişehir, Adalet, Gümüşler, Üçler, Göveçlik, Yenişafak, Hisar, Hallaçlar, Barutçular, Berekets, Çakmak will provide transit passage to Kadılar and Karahasanlı regions. Within the scope of the project, the construction of 2 junctions is completed, while the construction of the last smart junction continues rapidly. While the foundation and concrete pavement works of the road were completed, the lighting installation, construction of the central median and afforestation works were also nearing the end. The asphalt layer of the road has also started to be laid.

“A worthy ring road for our sea yolu

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that the new ring road will play an important role in relieving the traffic in the city center. President Osman Zolan, N 1200 Evler, Yenişehir, Justice, Silver, Three, Gövişlik, Yenişafak, Hisar, Hallaçlar, Barutçular, Bereketlar, Çakmak, Kadılar and Karahasanlı region where our neighborhood is located, and our citizens who want to go to Ankara or Ankara 50 meters wide use our new way of environment; Our citizens can now reach the point where they want to go without getting into the traffic of the city center in a more secure, economical and easy way. We hope to complete our new environment in a short time and we will offer our citizens the service of our new environment. Deniz

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