The Turkish Who Crashed on the Rails of the Train in Denmark Loses His Life

Metin Köse (29), who fell on the train tracks at Valby Station, west of Denmark's capital Copenhagen, died as a result of a train crash.

In the morning at the 07.04 ranks of the Copenhagen-Hoeje Taastrup on the train to the scene of a person staying at the bottom of the train to the scene of police and medical teams, said that the text died. It was learned that people who witnessed the event could not prevent the train from hitting the man in spite of the braking of the machine and that everything was developing very abruptly. As a result of the accident witnesses and the train's shocked by the event was affected by the event, the psychologists were given support.

Copenhagen police officials to investigate the incident, while Metin Köse's funeral will be delivered to the family after the autopsy said.

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