Çorlu Train Line Delivers Great Danger

CHP Istanbul deputy, Parliament Public Works, Reconstruction, Transportation Commission Member Gökan Zeybek, 25 8 died in July two days after the disaster on the re-opened the Çorlu train line warned.

When the material used for the filling is examined closely, Zeybek pointed out that there are broken marble, tiles and concrete pieces inside, and asked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan ey How accurate were the repair works on the railway line opened to traffic again? Dol.

CHP Istanbul deputy Zeybek, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan'ın asked to answer the question as follows:

8 2018 17 00 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Halkalı 12703 passenger train on the 362 voyage, the 6 passenger with the ticket, was dismantled with 25 personnel and the five rear wagons were overthrown. Unfortunately, our citizen 341 died and the 10 was injured in the disaster. After the event, the railway superstructure was renovated and the train line XNUMX was opened to traffic again on the evening of July.

So, how accurate was the repair work on the railroad that opened again?

As a result of the research, after the accident, the line opened to traffic on the evening of July 10 again presents a great danger.

When the material used for filling is examined closely, it is seen that there are broken marble, tiles and concrete pieces inside. Construction rubble was discarded on the inclined surface formed to ensure the stability of the fill. Under heavy rainfall, these debris will move and cannot serve for a long time. This shows that the probability of a similar event with the disaster that occurred on 8 July 2018 is too high.

1-Is the reconstructed grill filler constructed according to the filling technique?

Which material was used for 2-Filling? Does the content of the materials used include construction debris, broken marble, tiles and concrete parts?

3-Is the concrete debris of construction debris thrown on the filler slope (inclined surface) formed to ensure the stability of the fill?

4-8 July 2018 date of the accident after the repair; Has the reconstructed grill filler, filler-forming technique, and materials used, have the 10 completely eliminated the risk for the railroad line once again in July? yeniden


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