Mother of Oğuz, who lost her life in Çorlu train accident, spoke

Hürriyet's writer Ayşe Arman spoke to Mısra Sel Öz, mother of Oğuz Arda who lost her life in a train accident.

But the child will say… I promise you… Account

You know, that beautiful boy ...

Long hair, full of life, heavenly smile hayat


When she buys a bagel to her grandmother and says, vic Why don't you eat my son! Vic she is a child with conscience and mercy who says:

Galatasaray children Galatasaray

You know, the guy who killed us all with his death ...

Oğuz Arda Oğ

He died from a series of negligence in a train disaster in Corlu!

If anyone who doesn't check or who doesn't, is the one who shows why there is no allowance.

They're guilty! They're all guilty! Guilty to the bottom!

It's not an accident. They have people.

The sinless people flew out of the window of a train, and they fell on the slime.

They had gleaming future, buried in mud.

Oğuz Arda'nın nine-year-old smile, his life and dreams were also half.

Her mother's lamb went to heaven.

Isn't it crazy? Doesn't it rebel?

How could it be something like that!

There is blatant crime in the middle, but there is not even a single person, who takes responsibility, everyone vinnnn.

Why TCDD General Manager? How come? As it is not enough at With the joy of reaching your loved ones ize he will send a message of dik

40 day before your train crashed, dozens died.

Their blood hasn't dried up.

Oğuz Arda's mother Mısra Sel Öz deeply upset me. I felt the pain in my heart. I couldn't come myself. God bless all of us puppies. And punish those responsible.

This is an interview of the rebellion against pain and suffering a

I don't know what it's called, what it's called, Let your head be right! Yours is the most horrible thing in a man's life! Full 55 days ago, in that train disaster in Çorlu, you lost your most valuable asset, your son Oğuz Arda and your former spouse. We're all bold. A whole country cried. How do you deal with this pain?

I do not go! For seven weeks, I can't hear my child saying "Mom." He called me on the last train. I heard it there. I saw her smile there. Everyone loves their son. I was too fond of it. I liked him when he said, ”I'm pink with a cheek, a lip with a lip Ben. I couldn't brag about your hair. I kept his hair cut for not getting screwed. They stayed with me now, their hair and the milk teeth they poured. Of course I can't handle this pain. It's carved.

Do you feel like you're still alive every morning when you wake up?

No. Every morning I wake up to a big absence! And you know what I'm saying? Dın God, what creature you created didn't love me, and you took my son away from me? What day was my heart? On what day did I not give thanks to you? Gece We grateful with Oğuz Arda every night we praise. It's an impossible trauma! This pain has no description. I feel the pain when they throw my body in the hot fire, in the face of the pain I feel.

How big of a space you live?

I don't have a hand, I don't have a arm, no way ım A big gap! No life, no meaning! I cried for days, night after night, when he first came out of me. Nobody could understand. Because in my belly I was carrying her everywhere, and I cried, ord Why did she come in? Çünkü Now I think, I wonder if my son would go early? My life has lost its meaning. My dreams are gone. He deviated from my way of life. It doesn't mean anything other than consuming the number of breaths that are cut to me.

Which is the feeling that you feel most intense?

Longing for my loins. I miss it, baby.

Do you say, "Why me, my son?"

Yeah, I'm asking this question. Of course I can't find an answer. I'm still calling. “If I'm suffering so much, this pain must have some meaning. And this mana I must appear and come out! B I say. And then I say, aya It's not just my son ”, lar What children, souls!


Do you say unuz I wish I hadn't left that morning with his father “?

What I'm not saying ayrı There were three separate programs. Open the boat, swim in the pool, ride the train mek da I wish Tek I say. I'm drowning in your wishes!

What kind of relationship did you have?

We were 'everything' with him! I grew up with my son. We have grown each other. I learned to be calm with him. I learned to empathize with him. I learned to think in detail with him. When he looked in my eye, he would know: Am I sorry? Am i worried Am i happy He would behave according to him. I used to play ball with him like a man, watch a game. Bored, we took a walk. Sohbet we used to be long and long. He would listen. He would give me an idea. I would listen to him too.
Was it your love for each other?

It was a great love too!

Also admiration. Most of the time I looked at him, I was going through it: im God, this is what handsomeness! She said to me, ”What a beautiful mother I have. I am very lucky. Ben My son was my day, the light of my night. Allah took my son away from me because he loved it too? But I don't know a moment that I look at him and don't thank him. Sometimes I ask questions without answers.

Which features did not resemble those of Oğuz Arda? What kind of personality did he have?

When he was playing football, he would lift his opponent. So the referees and their instructors called him “Gentleman Bu. He watched the documentary-like ants that made their way home. He was conscientious. She was overly witty. When she returned from vacation, she asked, anne Who is the first human? "Adam and Eve," I said. Olup If they were together and they made a child, how did other people become? With whom did one child unite? Tek I could not answer. He was a kid asking everything. 4, When 5 was about a year ago, she asked for her grandmother bagels. He was eating. "Why didn't you, now why don't you eat?" Yardım I asked you to take it to help the unofficial uncle, Grandma! Çi She was an open-minded child. We never measured his IQ, but he said he was ahead. 10 was planning the next step. He was watching us and life. Her emotional intelligence was too high. Say count does not end properties.

How did you meet your partner?

I'm a public relations graduate, health insurance specialist. We met at the company I worked for. I was looking at the area he worked for. I'm impressed. It was a love for me. I was the 23 age back then, he was eight years older than me. I wanted to live with him, grow up, grow old. I came to a woman that feeling, "This is the man, the father of my child!" I said. I've always had a feeling of trust in your heart, from your eyes and hands. 10 year we were married. But then we got tired. We began to consume each other, wear out. We were more frightened to hurt Oğuz Arda. We've even talked to that, and we decided to talk to the parent. We were divorced a year before the accident.

How was the father-son relationship?

Very very good. Otherwise, we're not leaving bad. They were always seeing. It was even more powerful ties after we divorced. Every weekend they met was full.

Oğuz Arda became the lover of both the Barcelonal people and the Galatasaray family. Where is the football curiosity?

From his uncle ... But the GS spirit is from the family. The day she was born, the door ornament for the hospital room was a GS uniform. No one in the family without GS. He started his football training at GS's football school. He later auditioned for Barcelona's football academy in Istanbul. Chosen. He's been playing football there for three years. Every year there are auditions, to go to Barcelona to go to the tournament. He worked so hard. He believes it. I persevere. I know that we go to Maslak from Beylikduzu with a fire of 38.5. I I'll be elected, “he said, and was chosen. He went to Barcelona to represent Turkey in the tournament with his friends. Great pride. And you know that all of his teachers came to Uzunköprü for the funeral. My son didn't leave me alone on the last trip. I appreciate it all.

How did you feel about the fact that the Galatasaray community did not honor him?

I was both honored and touched. I went to Stada for the first time. Mostly, his father, uncle and uncle went with. I tried to feel my son's feelings over there. When I went to the game, I felt what I felt, why I wanted to be a football player. There's a picture, behind you, ın You are my childhood love “. Messages to my phone is raining, "Your son is with us tonight" he. My heart got stuck, and I cried out of crying.

Oguz Arda, one day is very famous and said he would talk about the name. Is it correct?

Yeah. "One day I will write my name in that stat and you will watch the most beautiful place," he said. It really did. His team and those who loved him didn't forget my son. 42 of your departure. I felt him at the place where he said he threw his heart. Now there are two more in the stands, two more in heaven.

Teams wished for head health. What about the state? Turkey State Railways?

Nobody called me. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, his wife Selvi Hanım, Canan Kaftancıoğlu and Beylikdüzü Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu came to my house to enjoy the house. So…

What do you think is the reason for this insensitivity?

More important work! He didn't show up. People are coming later in importance.


What is your reason for reacting to TCDD's festive charter?

If the 25 citizen has lost his life in a country, the 25 person is dead, and there are 318 injured in the same country, and most of the injured are still being seriously injured in the hospital, there is a huge pain. With so much pain, there will be no 'feast'! No congratulations! One cannot experience the joy of something against this pain.

'We wish everyone the best holidays with the joy of getting the lovers together' sentence has made you mad.

Of course! Because this is a massacre that has caused many people like me to leave their lovers! No more 40 days. They haven't dried up yet, our tears don't dry out. What are you feeling the joy of what he does? How do you feel?

You think this was an accident?

No, sir, it's a massacre! A massacre of chains of neglect. It can even count the neglect of tiled tracks, cancellation of tenders for repair of culverts, removal of road guards, and many other negligence. So it's not like Allah! I can't say that. There will be disrespect to Allah. This massacre, because of negligence! Any event caused by the human hand should not be attributed to Allah. But it's fate to take that train.

Everyone is throwing the ball to each other right now Şu

Exactly! Taking responsibility, taking on the crime is a matter of virtue. It's an honorable behavior. It is also difficult. Not everyone can. I haven't seen anyone in this country. It wouldn't be an accident if you were sensitive. If he were sensitive, he'd have the case. If they were sensible, the culverts would not open in one day.

Is there any responsible for this grave incident?

There's not one but a few responsible. But as I said, they are not!

Who are you going to ask for?

I'm going to ask whoever's missing the job! Whoever does not supervise or lay down this rail, who does not supervise, to cancel the tender for the repair, the institution showing the reason that there is no allowance, or person da I have yet to keep them. As it is time, I will clearly share the course of this event. First, those responsible. And then we're going to live together. If justice works as it should, it also happens to be the person who asks for the account.

At least the person at the head of the institution doesn't have to resign?

There would be a lot of behavior in Why would he? What happened? The joy of the feast of mold on the spot is more delightful to live!

What are you thinking? Will this event be forgotten and covered by a natural disaster? Bir There was also a beautiful boy Oghuz Arda in that disaster. He's dead too! Il

I don't know if it's covered. It's also about conscientious responsibility. But I'm not gonna forget it! What else am I doing? I will not even say ğ Oguz Arda is dead! Zaten. I'il keep your name alive. The name that will live in a forest. In a school, maybe one day in a foundation ta began to live even slowly. He will remember, he will remember the name already. Every prayer I take with my son's name will grow up with my will and find his place. Once the right punishment is applied, once a sanction is applied, some things are taken more seriously. For example, the bridge collapsed in Genoa, Italy, for example. En The Italian Minister of Transport said,! It is impossible to die because of the collapse of a bridge in a civilized country! Mesela I think this is the kind of management that is serious and worthy of people.

Is it you on behalf of other victim families? sözcüdo you like? What's their situation?

They also express themselves, I say. I'm directing as much as I can N But there is still 55 this day.

In the face of this insensitivity, don't you scream and shove your head?

I'm screaming in and out of me! I'm going through my hair. I hit my head on the walls Kaf

Do you feel your son with you?

Yeah. On my wrist, I carry the bracelet from the accident. I saved your hair. The necklace is being made from her hair now. I always have a son with me.

How are the nights going?

do not be late!

What is your belief in justice? Do you think you will be able to win this stubborn case?

I want to believe in justice. Everyone is so desperate, everyone is so unbelievable. I don't want to start without faith. I want to be able to say, bil Some things are really changing in this country, this is an example! “. Will be requested!

How are people's attitude towards your case?

There are big hearts that give me support! They're like my parents. Everyone but everyone support!


That morning, when was the morning you sent your son? Were there any unrest in you?

I didn't have it. But Arda had it. He hugged my neck. She took my face into her palms. Their eyes are full, hugged. His father said, ete Son, are we going out? Your mother will see the evening, '' he said. They went to heaven. I see.

Where were they going?

They just went to Uzunköprü to take the train. They would come back to see Grandma and her grandfather.

You were on vacation a few days ago, huh?

Yeah. We went to Kusadasi. My mother, Oguz Arda and me.

Do you notice anything unusual when you go back and think?

Yeah. For example, there is a picture of him swinging in a hammock, there is a very thoughtful expression. There is a picture of us both on the way back, in Gölyazı. There is also a strange expression. And it was too sluggish. The last day, so to wrap Son

Was your last phone call through the train?

Yeah. We talked in video. He showed me the train moving, his seat. ”We will land at 19.00 at the time,“ he said. We sent kisses to each other. We shut. Then there was the news on TV. Kapıkule-Halkalı He said. Because I knew they were on the train, I looked at the voyages. There is no such time. Uzunköprü-Halkalı there is. I knew they were their train.

Did you get it right now?

No. It was impossible to go near the train. I went with the help of a tractor. It was a nightmare.
As he reaches the disaster area, what does a man say, insan Oh my God, they must not die. Forgive my son bağış?
When I left the house, there was no dead. ”10 dead,” I saw on the way. Then I started to pray. ”What if they weren't! Onlar I've read all the prayers that I know until I get the news. The ambulance arrived late. This is another neglect.

Did some lives survive early?

He could get away! The ambulance carried tractors to the wounded. Until I'm out on that tractor. How are you a wounded man?

When did you accept that they died?

When they are buried. It was my wife's will. He said, "If I die, bury me in my hometown." I didn't want to separate my son from his father.

How did you say goodbye?

I hugged her coffin in the mosque. Then I hugged his grave. To the ground Top So Top

Are you another person now?

Yes, Mašra was buried in the ground with his son! This is not a Mısra I know. This is not my life.


* Her smile gave her hope ömür Gülüşü my life makes you laugh, Smile heaven garden ü Laughing smile bah Oğuz Arda, I do not know how to go through a lifetime, without you gül

* Cats and we stayed without you ince We stayed silent when you left sens

* The place where you need to sleep, should be beside me. Every night before we sleep sohbet we would. We got into trouble. Sometimes we read books, sometimes we made up fairy tales, sometimes we dreamed. You would be famous in your dreams. Then you would make me pray. You wouldn't close your eyes even for a night without prayer. I both read and caress her hair. Your hair… your scent… your warmth… your breath… I hate the day I wake up every night, hoping to see you, without seeing you. I hate every day that starts without you. I miss so much ...

* You know, this conscientious child is dead ... Conscience is dead! You know, in this country, kids are dying! And nobody does anything Ve

Play in the paradise gardens, mama ann The green of this world is now red! You and the green bloods of our innocent souls, like you, you, our blue sky lar But the child of the word mas I promise you! We'il ask your account!

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