Gulf and Port Rehabilitation Tender Completed

The three-stage international consultancy tender, which was organized within the scope of the aş Gulf and Port Rehabilitation Project. Of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, was concluded. 6 12 9 XNUMX bid was attended by the Artı Project Consulting company won the tender. Within a year, the firm will determine the screening method for the channel to be opened on the northern axis of the Gulf, and will prepare a project for the transfer of the scanned material to these areas with the area of ​​recovery and natural habitats.

An important step has been left in the ulaşmak İzmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation Project “which has been prepared to prevent the asylum in the Gulf and to reach the Proj swimable Gulf ve target. Following the EIA permission for the project, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate, the first one 27 April, the second one 5 July and the third 14 completed the first stage auction in August. The 6 company, which meets the 12 9, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and the United Kingdom with the 5 bid, was invited to the second stage of the tender. Bed Artı Proje Danışmanlık Construction Tourism and Trade Limited Company l, which has the highest technical score and has the lowest technical score after the third stage of the evaluation of the technical points and financial offers, won the tender for the consultancy of 7 million 950 thousand pounds.

Company 1 13.5 km long 250 meter width, 8 meter depth circulation channel opening in 24 north of the Gulf, transferring 12 million cubic meter screening material to the recovery area next to the Çiğli Wastewater Treatment Plant, the most suitable method prepare the island design and island application projects. In line with the prepared projects, İZSU will be awarded for the tender. The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) will carry out the navigation channel scanning on the southern axis of the Gulf with 250 kilometers, 17 meters wide and 22 meters and XNUMX million cubic meters.

Both the environment and the economy will win
The navigation channel to be opened along the South axis by TCDD will provide clean water access to the Gulf while the circulation channel to be established by the Metropolitan Municipality on the North axis will increase the flow rate in this region. Water quality and biodiversity will be improved. At the same time, the capacity of İzmir Port will increase and it will become the main port by starting to serve the new generation ships. The region and the country's economy will win.
Once the project, which is one of the largest ecological recycling projects in the world, is carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Gulf will return to 80 years ago. Most importantly, with this project, the goal of in swimable Gulf ine will be achieved and İzmir's role in the Mediterranean will also be strengthened.



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