3 from Coach. Response to Name Debate at the Airport

CHP Mezitli Mayor Candidate Candidate Sinan Koc, the new airport instead of Ataturk Abdülhamit Han reacted to the claims that the name will be given a strong reaction. Sinan Koc, "Who or who Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his name is being disturbed?" He said. Also 3. the name of the airport to call a survey study on the name of the transfer of the coach Koç, "Atatürk's name to be opened to discussion is unacceptable," he said.

Istanbul's ongoing construction of the new airport 'what will be the name' discussion continues. The new airport, which is among the projects that the AKP government attaches importance to, is expected to be opened in 29 October 2018, N said Sinan Koç, X It was stated by the government officials that Atatürk Airport in Istanbul was closed and the third airport would be put into operation. The name of the airport was also expected to be Atatürk. But the claim that the name of the new airport will be, Abdulhamit Han an created public confusion.

If the allegations are true, as it was said earlier, the reason why Ataturk was not given to the airport is that we want to be explained. İd This debate will give the coach voicing something to lose, unlike Turkey, "the name of our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Airport xnumx'ünc be given to the discussion on this issue and must be terminated. Even the public is worried that this issue is open for discussion. Kamu

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