Most Significant Thanks to Burulaş

Canan AYKANAT, who is a dystonia patient residing in Bursa and also the chairman of the board of the disabled women association (ENKADER), said that he worked in a private hospital and used Bursaray for transportation every morning and evening.

Aykanat stated that the rail system is very crowded in the morning and evening hours. At the end of the evening work, the elderly pregnant women with disabilities in Bursaray are aware of the announcements, and that the passengers are aware of them, but that the other passengers are traveling in danger of falling without giving place to them. .

Aykanat said that after the danger of falling today, a passenger included him. Aykanat expressed that he was very happy when he learned that the subject was transferred to Burulaş via social media via mobile phone immediately after the incident, and that he was very happy when he learned that the issue would be resolved with precision after his reply.

We congratulate Burulaş for these behaviors due to the importance and sensitivity they give to disabled people and their transportation problems.

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