Burulaş Provides Comfortable Transportation With Its Rejuvenating Fleet


With the help of 26 microbus, which is the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Burulaş, the average age of the bus fleet goes to 6, while the average age of Private Public Bus with the 50 bus goes down to 3, and the number of citizens who prefer public transportation together with comfortable transportation is increasing.

In order to generate fundamental solutions to the transportation, which is the most fundamental problem of Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality has started to rejuvenate the bus fleet for a more comfortable transportation. Considering that the transportation problem will be solved as a result of the physical investments as well as the public transportation culture, the Metropolitan Municipality has integrated the 26 microbus taken by Burulaş into the system. With these new vehicles, the fleet of Burulaş's 383 408 7'dan 6'dan 300'dan fell to the average. In addition to the 25 private public bus operating under Burulaş, the 50, which is old model and without air conditioning, was removed from the system, and instead 50 airconditioned and handicapped accessible 325 new bus system was included in the system. Thus, the average age of the 4 fleet reached 3 to XNUMX.

Değil Only investments are not the solution “

A ceremony was held at Burulaş campus due to the inclusion of new vehicles. Mayor Alinur Aktas, as well as the General Secretary Ismail Yilmaz, Burulaş General Manager Mehmet Kursat Capar and Bursa Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Vice Ramazan Çalan also attended. Stating that they have provided a reduction of up to 40 in traffic with their smart junction application, lane expansion, lane additions and connection roads within the scope of the emergency action plan, Chairman Aktaş said dık We are talking about a Bursa where the population of 3 reaches to million and the number of registered vehicles exceeds one thousand thousand. Therefore, it is not possible to solve the transportation problem with only physical investments. For this reason, our main goal is to promote the public transport culture. This can only be achieved by providing a more economical and comfortable service in public transport. In this direction, we received a discount between 865 and 10 on rail transport as soon as we took office. We believe that rail transportation will become even more attractive with the discount of 17 and 4, which will be implemented on Monday. In addition, we are trying to produce solutions to the density of rail transportation with additional flights that we put in peak hours. We aim to reduce the time interval from 10 to 20-3,5 minutes with the signaling system that requires investment of about 2 million Euros Yaklaşık.

”Our institution that fuses”

Remarking that improvement works are not only limited to metro lines, but also they are trying to raise their service bars in tire-wheeled public transportation vehicles, President Aktaş said, sınırlı Today, we include the 26 bus which is included in the Burulaş fleet and the 50 bus taken by private public buses. Although this transformation has just begun, it has been welcomed by our citizens and even brought new passengers to public transport. For example, the number of passengers with 38 increased to a maximum of 2 with 937 on the B / 83 line during the last 1718 week. We're a reunion. In the mornings, we bring our people to work, in the evenings to your wife and home. Don't look at the distorted news about a few individual cases. Our standards are very good with our transport. At this point, I urge all of our citizens to trust and trust Burulaş, the transportation system in Bursa, the municipality and private public buses. Of course, if you do wrong, it will result. We never look at the age of his eye. Asla

Karsan Company Sales Manager Adem Ali Metin and Koçaslanlar Chairman Mahmut Koçaslan gave a plaque to President Aktaş for his own vehicles.

President Aktas made the first drive of the vehicles cut into ribbons. President Aktaş, who took a tour with a new microbus in Burulaş campus, wished that the renewed vehicles would be beneficial for the people of Bursa.

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