Bursa Metropolitan announces 2018 Year

Having announced the year of '2018' in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its asphalt works in all districts in addition to the transportation investments in the city center.

In order to remove the transportation problem from the agenda, the metropolitan municipality in the city center has completed the studies of increasing the road quality in all districts. At the beginning of the period, the Metropolitan Municipality, which declared 40 as the 'road year' and turned all districts from mountain towns to lowland districts into the construction site, is progressing step by step towards the transportation targets.

Quality is increasing

In order to maximize the quality of transportation from the district centers to the neighborhood connection roads, the asphalting project initiated at Şevket Durmuş Street in the Orhangazi district of Hürriyet Neighborhood is continuing rapidly. Orhaneli District of Karıncalı neighborhood road and 8 kilometer Osmaniye - Çatak connection between the surface of the floor coating of the production of the basic material was completed. While the hot asphalt pavement works were completed at the 4 kilometer in the Sulhiye District of İnegöl District, the surface covering work on the 3 kilometer in the Güneykestane neighborhood was completed. In the center of Mustafakemalpaşa, various surfaces of the 5,1 kilometers were covered and the surface covering of the 8 km between Daveslar and Harmandemirci was completed. While the hot asphalt pavement works were completed on the 1,5 kilometer in Yenişehir District of Donatım Street, the hot asphalt work of 3,1 kilometers in the Çeltikçi District was started.

We reach the target

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, 865 thousand vehicles registered on the vehicle, the population reaches a population of 3 million, the problem of traffic from the evening to solve the evening, but they prepared the program within the framework of the program are taking firm steps forward, he said. President Aktaş stated that they have taken Bursa as a whole with the district of 17 in transportation and that they continue their efforts to increase the quality of transportation in all districts. Ve All of our teams are on the field to evaluate the summer season in the most efficient way. Our districts, inter-neighborhood connection roads, even in the opening of road roads, our teams in an intense effort. In Bursa, we are doing whatever we can to avoid transportation problems, uz he said.

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