Bozankaya at Berlin Innotrans 18 Fair with New SILEO S2018

Bozankaya, which offers the most ideal solutions for public transportation in cities, will participate in the Innotrans 18 Fair, which will be held in Berlin on 21-2018 September 2018, with the new generation electric bus SILEO S18.

Bozankaya announces its name in the international platform for the production of public transportation vehicles and will participate in the Innotrans 2018 Fair, which will be held in Berlin and one of the most important transportation fairs in the world, with the new generation electric bus SILEO S18.

The 18 meter SILEO S18 stands out for its environmentally-friendly, quiet, efficient and zero-emission features, while the 4 can cover a distance of 400 for an hourly charge. SILEO, which started its journey in Elazığ for the first time, will be the focus of attention of the municipalities in Europe at the Innotrans Fair.

SILEO, with its technical superiority, converts the brake energy into electrical energy and can charge its own battery on time (regenerative), and the 346 kWh battery capacity is fully charged and can continue to service at average 4 hour. The new SILEO S18 with 18 meter length and single bellows can reach a maximum speed of 75 km / h. SILEO S18 offers a large and spacious interior with the use of an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine.

The design of the new generation SILEO incorporates more modern lines than the first generation electric vehicle produced by Bozankaya. In addition, thanks to the battery system developed by the first generation electric bus, which can provide the same range of batteries with lower weight storage can be provided. Aiming to be the new transportation vehicle of modern cities, all R & D developments of SILEO were carried out by Bozankaya engineers at Bozankaya R & D Center. With the 100 low floor, which offers fast passenger lowering and lowering, SILEO helps create environmentally friendly zones with zero emissions in urban transport. The new generation of SILEO is able to recycle braking energy up to% 75, which greatly increases the driving range. The traction motor, which acts as a generator, converts the braking energy into electrical energy and dynamically charges the battery while driving. Diesel vehicles generally consume 100 liters of fuel per kilometer, while 50 consumes 18 liters per kilometer. With no annoying engine noise during the journey, SILEO is also adapting to modern city life.

Bozankaya has started its activities as an R & D company and includes modern trolley bus systems and rail system vehicles besides electric buses. Trambus vehicle fleet serving in Malatya and Kayseri serving 25 30 vehicle fleet with low-floor trams to the homeowner to prove that Bozanka, recently has signed Turkey's first subway exports.

Bozanka, Turkey's first electric buses, the first of Trambus, the first indigenous design of low-floor trams, subway cars in total to build the first production was exported manufactured 50 center has invested over Euros.

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