Bozankaya Innotrans Attends 2018 Fair by Electric Bus!

Bozankaya, 18 participated in Innotrans 21 Exhibition which started in September and will continue until 2018 September with its new generation electric bus SILEO S18.

The 18-meter-long SILEO S18 stands out with its environmentally friendly, quiet, efficient and zero emission characteristics, while it can cover 4 km with a 400-hour charge. SILEO S18, which was on the road for the first time in Elazig, became the center of attention of the municipalities in Europe on the first day of the fair.

SILEO, with its technical superiority, converts the brake energy into electrical energy and can charge its own battery on time (regenerative), and the 346 kWh battery capacity is fully charged and can continue to service at average 4 hour. The new SILEO S18 with 18 meter length and single bellows can reach a maximum speed of 75 km / h. SILEO S18 offers a large and spacious interior with the use of an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine.

BozankayaThe design has more modern lines in the new generation SILEO, which is designed by using different materials in the vehicle frame without increasing the weight compared to the first generation electric vehicle produced by. In addition, thanks to the battery system it has developed, energy storage can be provided that can provide the same range with lower weight batteries than the first generation electric bus. Aiming to be the new transportation vehicle of modern cities, SILEO's all R&D developments Bozankaya R & D Center Bozankaya was carried out with the work of their engineers. SILEO, with its 100% low floor that provides fast passenger loading and loading, helps to create environmentally friendly regions with zero emissions in urban transportation. The new generation SILEO is able to recycle up to 75% brake energy, thereby greatly increasing driving distance.

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