Baghdad Fallujah Train Flights Restart

bagdat felluce train
bagdat felluce train

Baghdad Fallujah Train Schedules: A stretch between tanks, cars, bridges and building debris in the desert west of Baghdad. After the Iraqi Damascus Islamic State (ISIS) was expelled from Anber province, Baghdad - Fallujah train services started again.

In 2016, ISIS left hundreds of bomb traps and mines, along with war wreckage, when it was expelled from Fallujah after two years of occupation. Approximately 90 percent of the stations, rails, bridges and tunnels in the regions experiencing the occupation of ISIS in Iraq were damaged by conflicts. Many are waiting to be repaired like the Fallujah line.

The reopening of the 65 km line from the capital to Fallujah also means safer transportation from the highway for residents of the region. Although auto-armed security guards draw attention in the wagons, railway is the safest transportation option for the region for now.

The cost of the Baghdad - Fallujah expedition is about 100 dinars (about $ 2.000) by the Chinese-made train, which speeds about 2 km per hour, the same road costs 3.500 by minibus and 10 thousand by taxi.
New trains made in China

Having a railway network of approximately 1940 km, stretching back to Istanbul in 2.000, Iraq cannot organize train services even to its second largest city, Mosul.

The railways where the war was heavily struck were not interrupted only between Baghdad-Basra and Baghdad-Kerbela.

The Baghdad government, which took action to improve the railways, bought 2016 new trains worth $ 118 million from China in 12.

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