Babadağ Ropeway Project Restaurant Started to Serve

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry Assembly members Babadağ 1700 meters and the construction of the new restaurant has been completed and started to serve as the guest of Kirtur Co. The members of the assembly received information from the company managers about the construction of the ropeway project.

On the first day of opening of the restaurant in Babadağ 1700 meter, FTSO Assembly Members, who were their first guests, received on-site information about the ongoing works within the scope of the project. FTSO Chairman Osman Cirali, Parliament Speaker Mustafa Buyukteke and members of the council, the first 1700 meters in the cable car station area, the station provides access to the passengers to the bridge, restaurant and viewing terraces examined. Osman Cirali, restaurant, toilet, storage area, such as the ongoing construction sites, 1800 and 1900 meters examined the work.

Construction of 1700 meter restaurant is completed

FTSO Board of Directors and Fethiye Power Union Co.Ltd. Chairman of the Board of Directors Osman Cirali, gave information about the stage reached in the project. Çıralı said: “In Babadağ Ropeway Project, the construction of chairlift lines providing connection between 1700 and 1800 meters and 1800 and 1900 meters is finished. Kırtur company, which undertakes the project, has started to lay the foundation for the areas where the cable car poles will be placed. The main purpose of the main ropeway line that we are trying to make infrastructure works from top to bottom has started. In order to make the main departure station, we are awaiting approval for our request for relocation. ”

Construction of 1800 and 1900 meters social facilities continues

Babadağ Osman Çıralı noted that the restaurant which is located at 1700 meters was completed and started to serve. Hizmet In the past, there was a cafe at 1700 meters. He collapsed last year. Now it has become a restaurant with an average capacity of 400 people. Today it has started to serve. Very nice, Babadağ was a restaurant that suits. Our company did not avoid any expense and labor. I thank them very much. The environment and landscaping of the restaurant continues. The foundation of the cable car station at 1700 meters will be laid in the coming days. At this station, there will be a bridge for the passengers coming down to the restaurant. This bridge will be glass. Those who walk will be able to see down. Our guests who are afraid to walk in the glass will be able to walk on the wooden floor on the sides. Passengers and pilots who will use the jump track will reach the runway in a separate way. At 1800 meters there will be a viewing terrace, buffets and toilets watching Fethiye, Oludeniz and Butterfly Valley. We plan to complete it by the end of the season. There will also be a restaurant and a viewing area at 1900 meters. Here we have a watchtower of a Forest Directorate. Within the framework of the facilities to be built, this tower will be demolished and rebuilt ”.

Babadağ broke his own record

Stating that the project works continue at full speed, Kırtur Ltd.Şti. Kenan Kıran, owner of the company, said, uz We continue construction without hindering paragliding flights. There is an increase in flights this year compared to last year. This year, we reached the 1370 jump in one day and set the Babadağ daily jump record. We predict that the total number of jumps next year will be 160 thousand. We do not hesitate to make Babadağ a project worthy of Fethiye. Everything will be in European standards. We have a process of relocating the departure station. Once our request is approved, we are ready to begin construction of our main departure station..

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