Ayvalık Entrance Opened as a Double Road

World famous Sarımsaklı Beach, Cunda Island, Devil's Table and many more unique beauty of the Turkish tourism is one of the most important centers of Ayvalık's problem can not be solved for years, finally solved. Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu,, Some district mayors are criticizing the Metropolitan Law. If it wasn't for this law, they wouldn't have had the power to do just that. We have invested in 100 million pounds in Ayvalik just as metropolitan. Büyük

The problem of the road that Ayvalık has not been solved for years and turned into gangrene has been eliminated with the road and transportation initiated by Zekai Kafaoğlu, Mayor of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality. From the direction of Balıkesir, the one-lane way of arrival at the entrance to the district was arranged as double direction and double arrival.


Asphalting activities of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality in the province are continuing at full speed and the roads completed are opened to service one by one. Finally, the one-way road at the entrance to Ayvalık, which was delivered to the contractor company in June, was opened as a double road with a ceremony held yesterday. Mayor of Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality Zekai Kafaoğlu, MPs Adil Çelik and Mustafa Canbey, Mayor of Havran Emin Ersoy, Burhaniye Mayor Necdet Uysal and many Ayvalık citizens attended the ceremony. Mayor Kafaoğlu answered the questions of the journalists after the ceremony, which took place for the construction of the road which lasted about 7 months.


In the entrance of Ayvalık double road work lasted for a long time and in the summer as the work was carried out voicing criticism voicing President Zekai Kafaoğlu, said about the subject; Birisi Ayvalık is one of our most important districts. Our tourism district. His fame spread throughout the world not only have a district in Turkey. Ayvalık tourism investments are increasing every day. Of course, like all our districts, this is our pupil. The entry road to the district was a one-way road from the 1970. Ayvalik did not suit our district. We decided that the entrance of Ayvalık should be a double road and we started the necessary works. 7 In June, we delivered the place to the contractor firm. As of September, 25 is also on the way. It took about 3,5 months. The reason that 3,5 lasted for months was that there were retaining walls here. I followed the road under construction. The ground is so soft that I saw the 4-5 meter excavations. I'm surprised and I said, 'What are you doing?' This is how the dam works. They had to go down to the depth of the retaining walls.

Along the way was the retaining wall of the 1.130 meter. 150 tons of iron were used. Concrete was used in 2.900 cubic meters. During the road construction work, I saw that 4-5 meters were excavated. I'm surprised and I said, 'What are you doing?' This is how the dam works. They had to go down to the depth of the retaining walls not to collapse. İst


Underlining that the road is long-lasting and a very delicate work has been carried out in order to prevent the difficulties during the usage, President Kafaoğlu continued his words: ın 1.130 meter retaining wall was constructed along the way. 150 tons of iron were used. Concrete was used in 2.900 cubic meters. 48.000 cubic meters were excavated during the road construction. 28.000 thousand cubic meter filling material was used. 10.000 tone substructure foundation material was laid. 11.000 ton TMT material was used. The 7.700 tone is also completed by using hot asphalt. The road lines were drawn by drawing the road lines the day before and we put them into service today.

They're asking why the road wasn't built before. Paths can be made in the summer as everyone knows. It was only here that the infrastructure works took a long time and rain drainage was also carried out at the same time. We wanted to end it as soon as possible. The important thing is to build the road. Önemli


Mayor of Ayvalik Rahmi Gencer, who recently answered the question of members of the press about the criticism of Metropolitan Municipality Law, stated that the investments they made to Ayvalık were summarized as follows: thousand liras. So around the 98 trillion with the old figure. When we look at this figure is more than other districts. Why? This is our tourist district. Turkey and one of our gateway to the world Tourism note. Of course, this is a work done by the Metropolitan Municipality. Some of our district mayors criticize the Metropolitan Law. Was he able to make these investments with his own budget? These are made with the possibilities that come with the Metropolitan Law. Only the investment made by BASKI in Ayvalik is 439 million TL. BASKI made 100 ton water tank here. Previously there was a 47 ton water tank. Water made diarrhea lines. Again in order to prevent the pollution of the bay, it has invested a total of 10.000 million TL with deep discharges. The Department of Urban Aesthetics has an investment of 3.000 million TL. 47 Million TL of Transportation Planning and 3 million TL Environmental Protection and Control Department of the Department of Science Affairs have investments of 3 million TL and other units. So, we have invested in 36 million TL in our Ayvalık district. Yani

Mayor Zekai Kafaoğlu stated that there is a chance that Balıkesir would be a Metropolitan. Il I know someone who had previously been provincial chairman. The Special Provincial Administration had an 70 trillion budget. With this 70 trillion, we were trying to serve our 900 rural neighborhood. But we are investing more than 200 million TL annually in our rural neighborhoods as Metropolitan. As Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, our 292 staff are working here. Some of them in BASKI, some of the transportation, the police and other units have a total of 292 staff. The figures I just said are investment figures. Of course, the salaries of the staff here and other operating expenses are not included in this figure. When you put them, we can clearly see that this figure goes up to 200 million TL Onları.


Underlining that their aim was never to fight, but to serve the people of the region, President Zekai Kafaoğlu said:, Our goal is never a fight. Our goal is to serve people living here. Not to speculate. People, unfortunately, from time to time as the elections approach the district municipalities can not do their own work because they can not pay their employees to start to speculate, fear of losing. He criticizes the Metropolitan Municipality. Ayvalik in the opposition municipality. Here we have the Mayors of Burhaniye and Havran. In their presence, I'm telling you, these figures are more than the numbers made in these districts. Nobody does not serve the Metropolitan, the Metropolitan we are not investing in the opposition party because it does not say. Figures are clear. I wish this road will be beneficial to our town of Ayvalık. Our tourism district was a road that also suited Ayvalık. Turizm


After the speeches, along with the members of the protocol as symbolic ribbon was cut, after the ceremony behind the wheel of the authority of the Mayor of Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality Zekai Kafaoğlu, pass the first pass. After the opening ceremony, all the works were completed and the double road was opened to traffic; the citizens of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality to thank for their service did not escape attention.

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