The Endless Project of the Century: "Marmaray"

marmaray map
marmaray map

Century Project Marmaray encountered problems due to faulty and incomplete planning. Now the same problem continues in the construction of the city's suburban lines. Technical problems still remain on the lines announced at the end of this year

Construction of Marmaray started in 2004 in Gebze-Halkalı Extensions have been postponed many times, recently announced that it will be put into service at the end of this year. What happened to the promises kept? What is waiting for us when the line is fully opened? What can be done for improvement? Let's try to open the curtains with the answers.

It is a great idea to renovate the suburban lines on both sides of Istanbul and connect them with tubes immersed under the sea. Marmaray connects the Asian and European continents, and therefore deserves the ay Project of the Century ay. However, due to erroneous and incomplete evaluations in the planning process, the project has progressed significantly.

Planning is very important

Marmaray trains 76 km long corridor in Gebze and Halkalı It will provide uninterrupted transportation between stations. The historical Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations of Istanbul were left out of this corridor. Istanbul, on the other hand, is a fortunate city with two rare central stations. Fortunately, the resolute resistance of the civil society and the technical warnings have resulted, and it has been decided that Haydarpaşa will function as a “gar ın and connect to the Marmaray corridor.

When Marmaray is put into service as planned, some of the city's ancient districts (Kumkapı, Kocamustafapaşa, Yedikule etc.) will be deprived of rail service. The exclusion of these neighborhoods on the historical suburban route from Marmaray is the result of a lack of social justice. Along with the Sirkeci station, the line up to Yedikule should be renewed and connected to the Marmaray line at Kazlıçeşme station. A similar situation applies to the ferries that come to Haydarpaşa. It would be appropriate to integrate the ferry passengers with Karaköy with the Marmaray trains at Haydarpaşa station. It is stated that only the high speed train will arrive in Haydarpaşa. The fact that some Marmaray trains arrive in the morning and evening peak hours will make significant contributions to the increase in sea traffic in this corridor and will provide transportation facilities to its users. For this, at least one platform must be reserved for Marmaray trains at Haydarpaşa station.

High Speed ​​Trains (YHT), intercity passenger expressions, Adapazarı trains, freight trains, etc., which will enter the Marmaray corridor in Gebze station, will proceed in the third railway line allocated for them. There are only two lines between Sogutlucesme and Kazlicesme. The decrease in the number of lines towards the city center (at least being 4) is another mistake made during the planning phase. In order to partially resolve this negativity, at least two platforms should be reserved at Haydarpaşa station for regional and non-YTU intercity passenger trains.

Adding the third line to the two-lane corridor is the main reason that delays the project. In this renovation project, which was tendered with the design-build method, the urban infrastructure facilities (electricity, telephone, natural gas, water, sewage etc.) located underground and above the ground are within the expanded corridor for the third line. The displacement (displacement) works of these facilities and some other infrastructure constructions were evaluated within the scope of "unforeseen works" within the scope of the tender. The contractor company asked for a price increase for the works encountered in this scope during construction in the field, and when this request was not met, the construction in the Marmaray corridor was not completed. However, without understanding how these displacement problems are resolved, the subcontracted companies started to lay the rails. Let's hope that the rails are not laying on infrastructure facilities. Otherwise, serious infrastructure problems await those living in the corridor. By the way, the potential of rail traffic to be interrupted is also ...

Rail system should be preferred

The two road crossing projects (Eurasia Tunnel and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge), which started long after the Marmaray project that brought both sides of Istanbul together with the railway, were completed quickly. The current 4 highway crossing the Bosphorus now serves a total of 13 lanes in one direction, corresponding to about 25 thousand automobile capacity per hour. If it is assumed that 2 people are found in each car, this 4 highway structure can serve 50 thousand people in one direction per hour. The expected capacity of Marmaray, which is expected to be one of the city's public transport backbones, is 75 thousand passengers per hour. Only one rail transport infrastructure can serve more passengers than the total of four huge road infrastructure. Comparing the environmental and social impacts (external costs) of these structures, it is seen that rail systems are much more sustainable than highway infrastructures. The priorities adopted for Istanbul's transport investments are far from being sustainable.

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