350 Thousand People Carried in Antalya Metropolitan Day

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, as in all areas of public transportation, will be a model for example. In the summer months, the Metropolitan Municipality provides quality, comfortable and safe transportation to the 350 thousand passengers in a day.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, in accordance with the instructions of the Mayor Menderes Türel'ın fast, comfortable and secure transportation to provide citizens with many innovations. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has created a system that satisfies both the citizens and the tradesmen.

Thanks to the transportation arrangements that require all kinds of demands of the citizens, the people of Antalya can go to Saklıkent, Feslikan and Varsak plateaus by means of public transportation. Bademağacı and Dağbeli are located at 55 km and Konyaalti Üçoluk Quarter, located at 64 km, is also on the public transportation route. The Express Lines, which were launched in order to provide a faster transportation, became the indispensable part of the Antalya citizens in a short time. In the summer months, with the aim of providing convenience for the citizens on the routes where the intensity is experienced, the transportation density was reduced by half to the express lines. ML22, LC07, VS18 express lines over a period of 4 1,5 million in the near month took passenger service.

The Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System has eliminated the transfer fee on the ring lines and feed lines realized by the new public transportation system. When the first boarding fee is charged 1 TL, the boarding fee is completed according to the card even if the transfer is done. Apart from the feed lines and ring lines, you can also get to the tram and other lines with 1 TL fare.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality also provides comfortable transportation to the residents of Konyaalti. 104 and 105 free ring lines are provided free of charge to citizens throughout the coast by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. In order to serve women in Alanya and Gazipaşa districts, transportation to Altuncan Hatun Women's Beach, which was opened to serve women in the districts of Elsan, Demre, Finike and Kumlaca by means of 8 vehicles, is provided free of charge by car. In addition, a free ring service was provided to Side Antique City.

The length of the transportation time from Gazipaşa to Antalya was significantly shortened by the express line. An express line was created to serve the Gazipaşa people and reach Antalya. The journey time, which was four and a half hours by the express line, was reduced to two and a half hours.

While Antalya Metropolitan Municipality makes a difference in public transportation with all of these works, all of the vehicles serving to be fit for disabled people and being environmentally friendly constitute an example for other cities. In public transportation, non-contact payment and leri use at card N payment method ensures that citizens who do not have a card can easily use public transportation while monitoring and communication center provides continuous support to the citizens between 05.45-23.45 hours. In addition, vehicles are continuously monitored with the Instant Monitoring Unit to ensure safe transportation of citizens.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 17:11

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