Antalya 3. Stage Rail System Works Full Gas

The works of the 25-kilometer 3rd Stage Rail System line between Varsak and Zerdalilik, which is Antalya's biggest project with public resources, continues at full speed. In the project, where excavation works are completed, rainwater culverts are produced.

Continuing to weave Antalya with the rail system line, which is the most modern public transportation vehicle, Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel announced the 3rd Stage Rail System Project, which will offer a permanent and contemporary solution to urban transportation. kazanyelling. Infrastructure works continue uninterruptedly in the 25-kilometer 3rd Stage Rail System line project between Varsak and Zerdalilik. In the project, where the storm water drainage excavation works have been completed, the storage area, pipe installation and filling production are progressing rapidly. The teams completed 5 meters of a total of 900 meters of rainwater line, including the warehouse connection. In addition, catenary pole anchorage works continue on the warehouse connection line. Your work is progressing as planned.

The first stage in December
The 3 between Varsak and Zerdalilik. In the first stage of the Phase Rail System Project, the Varsak-Otogar line will be connected to the existing system. This line is aimed at the end of December. It is planned to complete the line up to the front of the university before the local elections in 2019.

39 station will take place
3 starting from Kepez Varsak and joining the nostalgic tram line at the Training and Research Hospital in Meltem. There will be 38 pieces 1 pieces of ground level 39 units at XNUMX units. The line, which will start from the old town hall, will continue until the Suleyman Demirel Boulevard, Sakarya Boulevard, Bus Station Junction, Dumlupinar Boulevard, Medical Faculty, Meltem, Training Research Hospital and Museum and it will join the old nostalgia trolley. Within the scope of the project, the nostalgia tram line between Museum and Zerdalilik will also be renewed from the beginning and will be arranged as arrival and departure.

Rail system will surround the city
Antalya 3. With the Phase Rail System project, passenger access will be provided to important regions such as Otogar, University Hospital, University Campus, Courthouse, Training and Research Hospital located in the city center and west of Varsak region. 1. Etap Meydan-Kepezaltı and 2. 3 to be integrated with Etap Meydan-Airport-Aksu lines. With the Stage Rail System Project, a ring that surrounds Antalya will be built. In Antalya, the total rail system line length will reach 55 kilometers. Systems were planned to transfer passengers and vehicles to each other.

Kepez's value will increase
The 3rd Stage Rail System Project, which will ease urban transportation, will also increase the value of the regions on its route. Most of the line passes through the borders of Kepez district. While the value of residences and workplaces in the places where the line passes, the neighborhoods in Kepez district also increase in value. kazanwill ache.

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