City Without Cars Day in Ankara

It is a program that has been carried out by the European Union Parliament since 2002, which aims to improve the public health and quality of life in Europe, as well as to influence and improve mobility and urban life.

In 2018 16-22 will be held simultaneously in 51 city and county in 2.623 country between September dates simultaneously.

Lanıy European Mobility Week lilik is celebrated in many cities in Europe and the world through 16-22 September to promote sustainable transportation alternatives. The aim of the event, which will be celebrated in 2018 with the theme of bisiklet Diversify and Continue X, is to encourage people to public transportation and cycling, which are economic, healthy and sustainable modes of transportation. The program is organized by the European Union Delegation to Turkey and the Union of Municipalities of Turkey. All activities to be held in Ankara are organized by EGO General Directorate of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

General Directorate of EGO and Turkey Program Planned by the Union of Municipalities

European Mobility Week events will be celebrated for the first time in Ankara.

Bahcelievler 7. Street (Ashkaabat Street) 22 10.00 - 15.00 will be closed to traffic between September and September, and will be temporary only for cyclists and pedestrians. European mobility week events 10.00'da bicycle-friendly bus in Kizilay, the protocol will start by putting the bikes in front of the apparatus in the bus ahead of the protocol and the bus carrying the bicycles and bicyclists in the back will go as a court.

The route of the cortege is as follows;

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvarı Kızılay Shopping Mall front movement, Anadolu Square, Dögol Street, Azerbaijan Street, Aşkaabat Street (7. Street) route is followed by Bahçeli 7. After the conversations to be reached and the street will be a big bike tour Garden 7. He'il start on the street.

On the street there will be cyclists, as well as youth groups with skateboards and skates, children's sports clubs and street performers. Activities to be carried out on the street are as follows; The fastest and slowest bike racing, bike riding training, street performers performances.

This program Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Manager Balamir GÜNDOĞDU EGO Deputy Director General Ismail Ozdemir, the European Union at the highest level, representing the EU ambassador to Turkey in Turkey Christian BERGER, other countries, ambassadors, EU Deputy Foreign Minister responsible for the Presidency Faruk Kaymakçı, Turkey Secretary General of the Association of Municipalities Hayrettin Gungor and Turkey Cycling Federation officials will attend the meeting and take part in the procession starting at the Red Crescent.


Time: 22 September 2018 Saturday

Location: Front of Red Crescent Shopping Center

09: 30 Collection of the protocol by Guvenpark pool

10: 00 The bus with bike mount is in front of Kızılay Shopping Mall,
take the bus and act on the cortege

10: 20 Kortejin Kızılay Shopping Mall front, GMK Boulevard, Anadolu Square, Dögol Street, Azerbaijan Street
to Ashkaabat Street (7. Street with Garden)

10: 30 Presentation Speech

Cycling Federation Representative
Contact Murat directly

Secretary General of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey
Example: Hayrettin GÜNGÖR

EGO General Manager
View Balamir's Full Profile
View İsmail's Full Profile

EU Ambassador
Christian BERGER

ABB President or Vice Chairman
Associate Professor. Mustafa TUNA
Contact Ali directly

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and EU President, Ambassador
Contact Faruk directly

11: 15 with Garden with 7 Protocol. Start of bicycle tour on street

12: 00 Protocol souvenir photo shoot

12: 15 - 15: 00 Fastest Bike Competition, Slowest Bike Race, Bike Training, Orienteering
Education, Kids Activities and other activities

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