CHP Proposes an Investigation Commission for the Occupations at the 3rd Airport

The CHP presented a research proposal to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly for the purpose of revealing the actual figures and those responsible for the fatal work accidents at the new airport construction site in Istanbul.

CHP group vice-president Özgür Özel presented a research proposal to the Presidency of the TGNA to meet the basic demands of the workers after the work stop action, which resulted in the detention of a large number of workers at the new airport construction site in Istanbul.

In the research proposal submitted to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Map 7 June 2014 announced the beginning of air transportation on October 29 after the construction works started in 2018. The new airport of Istanbul was established by Cengiz, Mapa, Limak, Kolin, Kalyon Joint Venture Group formed by IGA investors. it is made. Although the number of occupational accidents occurred due to occupational accidents, the number of workers who have died or become disabled or have temporary and permanent disability income are not disclosed to the public. ”It was said.

In the proposal, we recorded:

Inşaat In the construction of the new airport, it is claimed that the working legislation and the working conditions are contrary to the provisions of the supervisor. It is stated that there are subcontractor practices that violate the Labor Law and that the rights of workers cannot be applied due to such practices and there are restrictions on wage and social security rights. Workers' working hours are higher than the daily upper limit of the 12 watch and the weekly 45 hour, while the overtime wage and other permit rights are not given. It is also suggested that workers are not provided with the necessary protective equipment and that necessary measures are not taken in accordance with the secondary legislation on Occupational Health and Safety Law. It has been observed that foreign illegal workers have been employed in unqualified jobs in contravention of the International Labor Law, serious damage to the nature has been carried out, a method of destroying natural life has been applied in a way that is contrary to the legislation during the loading, transportation and pouring of excavations and necessary inspections have not been carried out. It has come.


Finally, on the 14 Day 2018, workers in Akpınar Village, where the workers from the new airport construction site stayed, started to quit their work by reacting to frequent service accidents and deaths and bad working conditions. Workers staying in the village have made a number of justified claims such as payment of unpaid wages, taking measures against work killings, solving the service problem, the problem of bedbugs and the elimination of hygiene problems in the cafeterias. The workers who did not fulfill these demands were treated with pepper gas, and many workers were detained in the morning hours of 15 September 2018. 543 workers were detained in the operation.


15 where the work safety conditions on the construction site are in contradiction with the legislation is revealed by the fall of the 30 meter with the two employees in the basket crane on September and the injury of two workers. There are no satisfactory data about the size of fatal accidents at the time of the new airport and they are put forward in very grave claims. Speaking to the news portal T24 and 2 1000 who stated that a participant in the airport construction work, 35 raised the claim that the person was killed. emphasizes that all accidents are preventable. Identifying the causes of occupational accidents since the start of the construction of the new airport, conducting the necessary investigations for the fulfillment of the most basic demands of the employees, ending the practices against the legislation, determining the actual number of the fatal accidents and revealing those responsible, 98 of the Constitution and 104 of the According to the articles of 105.

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