New Road to Bilkent City Hospital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will open a new route around Bilkent City Hospital and connect this area to Angora Boulevard.

The new boulevard will extend the Angora Boulevard to Bilkent City Hospital, which joins the entrance of Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus. With the multi-storey junction to be built at the entrance of Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus, drivers will be able to continue on both the Eskişehir road and the Bilkent City Hospital on Angora Boulevard.


On the one hand, my new road-opening, cross-junction intersection construction and expansion works all over the capital, while the Metropolitan teams work intensively around the Bilkent City Hospital, which counts the days for its opening.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which connects the region with other points in order to facilitate access to the giant health campus, is also expanding its transportation network every day.


Angora Boulevard both Ankara and Beysukent direction of the two-way continuity of the new intersection and boulevard to provide information about the work of the Department of Science Affairs Department, the new road work at the intersection of Hacettepe-Beytepe Campus road vehicle traffic at the intersection, he added.

The new boulevard and multi-storey junction will provide easy access to the Bilkent City Hospital, officials said, ağ The multi-storey junction 3 going-3 will be at the entrance of Hacettepe University. Thanks to this overpass, the traffic flow will be sustained on the Angora Boulevard and the vehicles that want to go to Eskişehir Yolu (Dumlupınar Boulevard) will be able to continue on their way with the X-TRX strip as backward. Sağlan


At the intersection of the overpass, the total length of the 102 meter will be recorded officials, officials said that the upper crossing of the 72 meter Beysukent direction, the central direction of Ankara 100 meter said it would be done.

Officials who shared the technical information of the overpass stated that the overpass would be 5 span, 4 midfoot and 2 foot, and the main and side roads would be separated.

Drivers from the bottom floor of the three-story junction Hacettepe University, from the top floor of the Bilkent City Hospital, while providing the connection from the top floor of Angora Boulevard to Eskişehir Road will be able to switch.


The work of the Metropolitan Municipality, which will greatly relax the regional traffic, will not be limited to these.

Another new road work was initiated which would provide direct access to Bilkent City Hospital from the direction of Eskişehir Yolu and to reduce the traffic density at Bilkent and Hacettepe Bridges. The officials of the Directorate of Science Affairs gave the following information on the new overpass project which will provide alternative transportation to the Bilkent City Hospital from Eskişehir Highway:

Olu From Eskişehir Highway to the Council of State and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, the work of a new overpass bridge that will return to the direction of Bilkent City Hospital has started. The vehicles that want to use this overpass will be the 2 lane, enter from the front of Mahall Ankara, pass the Eskişehir Highway and connect uninterruptedly to the Bilkent City Hospital from the road between the Council of State and the Ministry. The total length will be 288 meters, and the pedestrians will be equipped with 2 meters and 2,5 meters wide pedestrian paths for pedestrians.

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