People of Bursa to Get on High Speed ​​Train in 2021

Transportation is one of the most important criteria of developed cities. Bursa has made significant progress in this regard with its transportation investments in recent years. The completion of the gulf crossing of the Istanbul-Izmir highway and the section up to Bursa provided significant convenience in terms of both highway and airline.

However, it is not possible to say the same about railway and especially high speed train. When the foundation of YHT, high-speed train, was laid in 2012, it was given the good news that the flights will start in 2016. Although two years have passed since the announced date, Bursa's speed aside and the dream of seeing a train has never been realized.

When the delay was caused by both the route changes and the landslide experienced in the selected regions, the authorities were informed by the authorities.

CHP Bursa Deputy Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu asked the project, which was eagerly awaited by the city public, to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the most authoritative authority. The motion, which includes both the reason for the delay and when it will be completed, was given a written response by the Ministry's Strategy Development Directorate.

In response to the detailed explanation of the reasons for the delay, the project is in the 56 kilometer section of Bursa-Gölbaşı-Yenişehir and the tunnel works and the 38,5 kilometer section are underway and the physical progress is at 50 level.

It was announced at the end of the response that the infrastructure of the 50-kilometer section between Yenişehir-Osmaneli and the superstructure of the 106-kilometer section between Bursa and Osmaneli and the electrification, signalization and telecommunication tender were held on April 3, 2018 and the process of the JCC continued.

According to the Ministry's projection, the project will be completed in the last quarter of 2020 and will be operational in 2021.

The answer is that; Bursa will wait at least 3 year for the faster train.

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