Alipınar Bridge Renewing

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality renews the Alipınar Bridge, which connects the Yenişehir and Bağlar districts, through the maintenance and repair of the Alipınar Bridge.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, Yenişehir and Bağlar connects the district of Alipınar Bridge to prevent the image pollution and the renovation of the bridge in order to ensure the strengthening began. Finally, the Alipinar Bridge Front Facade Construction Project at 1998 renews the exterior facades of the bridge with polished basalt plaque stones, brushed beige marble and cement based wood-patterned chipboard materials to prevent image pollution. 30 meter span on the bridge 900 square meter mechanical coating to be done. The lower and upper parts of the bridge will be illuminated by the saving wallwasher led lights in order to reveal the structure and to show itself.

The studies that started with the dismantling of the external materials on the bridge continue with the strengthening operations. In parallel with the reinforcement process, external coating works are also carried out on the bridge. Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality is also carrying out integration works in order to prevent the shifts in the reinforced concrete curtain system with basalt rubble stone previously used in the bridge in order for vehicles and pedestrians to use the bridge more safely.

The strengthening and renovation works at Alipınar Bridge in September will be completed by the end of January.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 21:57

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