Today in History: 9 September 1861 Bag-Cellatcoffee line

Today in History
9 September 1855 The construction of the Ottoman State Istanbul-Edirne-Varna and Varna-Balâklava telegraph line was completed and put into service.
9 September 1861 Bag-Cellatcoffee line (11 km) opened.
9 September 1882 Mehmet Nahid Bey and the proposals of Kostaki Teodoridi Efendi The Nafia Commission prepared a new specification for the Mersin-Adana line.
9 1927 Poplar-Basin Line (38 km) was launched. The contractor was Nuri Demirağ. Samsun-Kavak line was opened for operation.
9 September 1929 Fevzipaşa-Gölbaşı (143 km) line is opened. The contractor was Sweden-Denmark Group.

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