3 Thousand People and 9 Experiment with Real Aircraft

29 At October 2018, Istanbul New Airport, where the world's largest airport transportation will take place, is coming to an end for preparations. H. Kadri Samsunlu, CEO and General Manager of IGA Airport Operations, stating that they are considering every detail for a perfect transportation operation: In total, 3 will use a thousand people and 9 real aircraft. We will witness a move that has not been done before. With this experience and experience, we can make this work the best Turks. Bu

Istanbul New Airport is ready to be the heart of world aviation. Trainings in the process of Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT), called Operational Preparation and Airport Transportation in the aviation sector, continue.

İGA Airport Operations Chief Executive Officer and General Manager H. Kadri Samsunlu, who shared the latest information about ORAT, stated that the works continue to open the airport on October 29 in full compliance with the plan and schedule; “The move to Istanbul New Airport will be the largest airport move in the world. There is no other airport in the world that has been moved 45 km away. We have been working with great care since 2016 regarding the relocation process to the New Airport. At the current stage, we have completed the trainings we have given to airlines, ground services and other stakeholders, especially THY, to get used to the airport during the operation preparation process. ” he spoke.

Turkish team and foreign consultants working for 2 years!

General Manager Kadri Samsunlu stated that they have received consultancy since November 2016 from Copenhagen and Incheon Airport in the ORAT Project, all of them such as airport, airline, handling etc. ORAT team with aviation experience; 8 consultant, 60 team of people and 100 operations staff said that the task.

Samsunlu, the words continued as follows: "Reflecting Turkey's growth potential and power, there will be a transition will open a new page in the history of aviation airport. We have completed all our preparations for the move to Istanbul New Airport. Particularly in the first part of ORAT, we have achieved very significant progress in the Preparation for Operation section. In the next month we will do a great experiment on 3. We are working on our 102 scenarios with different topics and events. X

The name issue of the Istanbul New Airport will be determined by the decisions to be made with the relevant authorities regarding the research studies conducted by the members of the Board of Directors around the world.

Thousands, three thousand and five thousand people will be tested!

9 thousand passengers, 18 bin suitcases and 10 real aircraft!

The ORAT process at Istanbul New Airport started in 2016. Under the leadership of DHMİ General Directorate, the managers of THY, HAVAŞ, ÇELEBİ and TGS Ground Services and the employees of other stakeholder companies who will serve at the airport will be served in the training section of the ORAT process consisting of 4 stages; 27 thousand 522 pcs class training, 28 bin 225 pcs field training was given. In ORAT flow, after class and field training, trial processes are coming. 31 46 scenario has been tested in trial operations since May. These scenarios; In the remaining period before the opening, thousands, three thousand and five thousand people will be tested by performing real tests as if there were many different events.

  1. Trial Operation (last week of September): 1000 counterfeit passenger, 2 bin baggage, operational 800 personnel belonging to Public Institutions, 2 real aircraft (THY), 50 Ground Handling Equipment.
  2. Trial Operation (first week of October): 3 is planned with a thousand fake passengers, 6 thousand counterfeit luggage, 1000 personnel, 3 real aircraft, 150 Ground Handling Equipment belonging to Operational stakeholders and Public Institutions.
  3. Trial Operation (Second Week of October): 5 is planned with 10 personnel, 1000 units of real aircraft, 5 Ground Handling Equipment belonging to 200 thousand counterfeit passengers, XNUMX thousand counterfeit luggage, IGA, Operational stakeholders and Public Institutions.

In the trials, the so-called passengers entering the airport and handing over their luggage and boarding the boarding board, changing the selected seat and re-ticketing, transfer passengers to find the new flight gate, the delivery of baggage to the plane and time to passengers and many other scenarios. In case of failure of the systems inside the airport during the trials, the emergency plans to be applied are also tested.

The infrastructure of the information system is ready for opening!

Within the scope of IT, structural fiber and copper cabling, wireless network, physical security system, flight information system, terminal management system, check-in and boarding systems, enterprise resource planning, airport operational control center, luggage matching, separation and local departure control systems are operational. preparations continue.

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