3. Airport Workers Launch Action

Workers in the construction of the airport 3. bedbug, flea, food order, due to poor working conditions in the morning started the action as of 06.30. Workers in the 3.havaliman, claiming that two people died every day, hav Two dead people every day. We have wounded friends every day. Şişli Etfal is a friend of ours. We were told that he was in intensive care, but could not get any information olduğ. Construction and Construction Workers Union Chairman Ali Öztutan, the workers in the action of the loudspeakers 'action to be made in the form of a criminal procedure' by specifying that the announcement was made by cutting the speaker at the speaker said the workers.

3 in Istanbul. The workers in the airport construction started the action at 06: 30 in the morning due to bad working conditions. The gendarmerie and the workers intervened with the pepper gas.

Workers waiting for service in the rain, food and shelter facilities on the construction site is very bad, emphasizing that there are problems such as bedbugs and fleas, workers want to correct the working conditions.

A large number of workers gathered in front of the construction site in the morning hours, expressed their reaction as an obstacle to the exit of services.

EN These are not said “

A worker who did not want to give his name arkadaş Yesterday there was a bus accident and our friend was injured there. Our friends were wounded the day before. Our friend fell from the roof, he was injured. Our friends stayed inside the subway. These are not said. Sö


3 emphasizes that working conditions are very bad. workers at the airport un They are waiting under the rain. Our rooms are full of bedbugs, flea Od.


The workers were stopped and the roads closed, the worker said, lar Half of the workers went out in the morning. Half is here. Bosses do not deal with us, 'in a week will be resolved' they say, they postpone.


Workers working in the 3.havaliman, claiming that two people died every day, he said; Ölü Two dead people come out every day. We have wounded friends every day. Şişli Etfal is a friend of ours. We were told that he was in intensive care, but could not get any information olduğ.


One of the workers ular 20 has been in the ward for days without combat and bedbugs. Buses don't arrive at half an hour. I'm showing him to the camp supervisor. These are the nests of bedbugs yat, he showed bedbugs in bed.


Construction and Construction Workers Union head Ali Öztutan, workers in the action of the loudspeakers from the speakers' criminal action will be applied to those who made the announcement by stating that the workers also responded by cutting the cord, the speaker said.


Oztutan stated that the action is still going on as of 09: 45. These services are insufficient. They're waiting for an hour in order to crush each other. It is a problem. They go to work by riding in a soaked way. Sır


Öztutan stated that the action was done before,, The clock was corrected. But this time an action was not taken one step was taken. 3. If any action has been started at the airport, it is the last drop carrying the glass. 3.havalimanı is a place where there are problems related to work killings, shelter and food, X he emphasized.


Oztutan also made a statement on the deaths of workers in the construction of 3. The “29 an accepted by the Ministry was on 35. There are more deaths than the 30 that the state has accepted since the construction site was opened. There is a discussion about the numbers, we can not make much sense of it. Has a criminal action been taken to explain the deaths instead of entering the discussion of numbers? We need to ask this. Bunu


According to a statement from the twitter account of the Construction Workers' Union, the video workers were threatened. The explanation is as follows: We are threatened by saying that imi video shooters will be identified and punished individually işçi.


Gendarmerie pepper workers intervened with the gas that blocked the road entering the campus.

Fire workers in the action closed the entrance exits to the construction site. The gendarmes told the workers to open the way. When the workers did not open the road, the gendarmerie intervened with the tear gas.

Source : www.cumhuriyet.com.t is

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