Wind Testing of 1915 Canakkale Bridge Completed Successfully

1915 has successfully completed the wind test of the Canakkale 2
1915 has successfully completed the wind test of the Canakkale 2

The test for the behavior of 1915 Canakkale Bridge in the smooth and turbulent flow, the 20 meter per second (72 per hour), the 45,4 per second (162 per hour) and the 82 meter per second (324 per hour) wind speed and the service conditions of the towers and decks were completed successfully.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan attended the Full Model Wind Tunnel Test of 1915 Canakkale Bridge at Southwest Jiaotong University, China.

Turhan, who made a statement prior to cross-section and tower wind tests, said that China's oldest university, Southwest Jiaotong, has learned about the world's best and most qualified trainings in the fields of transport, construction and mining engineering since 1896.

Turhan, the university's Wind Engineering Research Center has the world's largest wind tunnel laboratory said.

Turhan, reminiscent of the world's largest main span suspension bridge built on the Dardanelles Strait, said that they aimed to complete the project within the period planned and open to service.

18 to be launched in March 2022

100 the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. The project is planned to be completed in 2023 18 2022 XNUMX'da Minister, explaining the aim of the project to be opened, the Turhan, one of the important stages of the Çanakkale Bridge wind tunnel tests was passed.

Turhan, 3 gradually wind the first of Canada's test, noting that the latter is held in Denmark, the project makes South Korean SK E & C and Daelim with Limak from Turkey and Yapi Merkezi company's bridge with the participation of representatives noted that the third stage of their presence in China for wind test .

After the 4 monthly working period, the full-length wind tunnel test of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge will be carried out. Turhan emphasized that the result of the test will be an important source of data for them.

Turhan said that the test will be a new beginning among the Turkish and Chinese peoples. He said that the two people will have the opportunity to work together on projects and projects.

In many projects in Turkey Turhan noted that they collaborate with the Chinese, "our country is our greatest desire to be with a Chinese company in new projects we have planned." He said.

Minister Turhan, especially in transportation projects trained manpower and contracting companies, Turkish companies in partnership with the world business opportunities in many countries can be researched, he added.

Tests completed successfully

Then, the behavior of 1915 Canakkale Bridge in the smooth and turbulent flow, the service conditions of the towers and decks of 72, 162 and 324 at hourly wind speeds were tested. Tests lasting approximately 10 minutes have been successfully completed.

According to the results of this test, necessary changes will be made to the model and tests will be passed representing the construction phase conditions.

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