11 15 More Than One Million Airplanes Have Used Turkish Novels

Million 2007 2017 15 thousand aircraft traffic occurred from all airports and cheap flights, as well as be exercised through the Turkish air transit area with 680-180 upper transition period in Turkey.

Transit overflight (overflights) the airports with flights to Turkey enforceable domestic and international flights have increased since 2007.

1 million square kilometers, about Turkish airspace, in 2007 247 99 thousand, in 2008 269 172 thousand, in 2009 277 584 thousand times was used for overflight flight.

The 2010 293 714 2011 292 816 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX was reflected in the record.

Tagged with flight traffic enforcement overflights of Turkish airspace, in 2012 283 439 thousand, in 2013 281 178 thousand, thousand xnumx't the 2014 333, 17 thousand 2015 xnumx't to the output.

compared to the previous year 2016, 18 628 thousand flights increased upper transition was calculated as 376 913 thousand.

Turkish airspace crossing flights broke a new record last year. In the 2017, 413 560 thousand aircraft, use Turkey.

In the first of this year 7 266 82 thousand overflight flight was made through Turkey.

Thus, 2007-2017 3 million in 426 777 thousand transit overflight flight was made from Turkish airspace. Last year, overflight of flights in Turkey were found to be increased by xnumx'y 2007 percent.

2011 exceeds one million dam

All airports enforceable domestic and international flights in Turkey has increased compared to the year.

In the 2007 688 time of arrival and departure to Turkey thousand 468, 2008 741 thousand in 765, 2009 In the 788 469 thousand, thousand In the 2010 919 411 was.

Expeditions from all airports exceeded one million for the first time at 2011.

In the given year (2011) and cheap from Turkey made 1 42 thousand million times 369, 2012 1 thousand million in 93 47, 2013 thousand million xnumx't the 1 223, 795 million xnumx't to 2014 1 thousand rose.

Thus, 2007 2017 thousand million between the 12 253 403 time was all airports in Turkey.

Cheap flights to airports in the country and trending expeditions with Turkey airspace from the top executive is the transit pass, 11 15 million total aircraft traffic 680 180 thousand years has occurred.

Source: www.dhmi.gov.tr

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