Domestic and National Sileo Brand Electric Buses

📩 24/12/2018 16:08

Sileo, with electric battery, 10m, 12m, 18m, 25m length, 100 low-floor, Italian CUNA, German VDV, StVZO vision and driver zone standards, providing fast passenger lowering, 75-232 passenger capacity, 4 400 hours with charge kilometers range, environmentally friendly, quiet, efficient and economical Turkey's first domestic electric buses.

The new SILEO, with its regenerative energy, converts the brake energy into electrical energy and can dynamically charge the vehicle's battery. Instead of the internal combustion engine, instead of using an electric motor on the axle, it creates a large and spacious internal volume. According to the 10-25 m It is an environmentally friendly tool that can carry passengers up to persons.

While diesel vehicles consume 100 liters of fuel per 50 kilometers under general conditions, considering all road conditions, the new SILEO consumes an average of 0,8 kWh / km, i.e. approximately 15 cents. The new SILEO, which has no disturbing engine noise during the journey, attracts great attention in our cities and abroad with this design. Konya in Turkey before, it was used in Eskişehir and İzmir municipalities.
Now the next generation will use Elazığ and Manisa.

began producing Turkey's first domestic electric buses by 2014 percent in 100 Bozankaya company, a total of 2017 new 2 percent electric SILEO electric buses, 20 18 meters and 2 25 meters in total, 22 generation 100% electric new generation SILEO for Manisa Municipality, developed by R&D studies in 18. produced for the Elazig Municipality. Produced for Manisa and Elazig municipalities. The vehicles will be delivered to our municipalities in batches until the end of 15.

Sileo stands out with its features that contribute to improving the quality of life in the cities and save up to 75% compared to diesel vehicles. A national and local brand new generation Sileos, which are produced entirely by the labor of Turkish workers, are also exported abroad in the factory in Ankara / Sincan.

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