Uninterrupted Operation in Continuous Square

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the 65 on the Mithatpaşa Highway Underpass, which will add significant value to the region with its green texture, different landscape applications and game groups.

A breath of fresh air to the coastal living spaces of the people of Izmir kazanİzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has reached the level of 71 percent, in the new square of 500 thousand 65 square meters on the Mithatpaşa coast.

Mithatpaşa Industrial Vocational High School and Hamidiye Mosque in front of the new unity of the project will reach the sea in the new playground, children's playground, stage can be used as a demonstration area, water playground, recreation areas, bicycles and pedestrian roads, specially designed urban equipment, automatic toilets and activity areas it will include.
In the square called “July 15 Democracy Martyrs” with the decision of the parliament, there will also be monument sculpture work by artist Günnur Özsoy. The monument will tell about both unity and solidarity and the belief of the people of Izmir in democracy.

On the beach of the square, where the F.Altay-Halkapınar tram passes, a ferry port and a boat berth are also built to strengthen sea transportation.

The new square arrangement in front of the Mithatpaşa Park will make the historical texture left on the land side more visible and perceived.

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