Feast Festival in Transportation

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan stated that they expect about 9 million citizens to set off on the 30-day Eid al-Adha holiday, “We have taken all our precautions in land, sea, air and railways due to the intensity to be experienced in all roads in Eid traffic.” said.

Turhan, said in a statement, 9 will last for the holiday of the Eid al-Adha, 18 will start on August, Saturday, railways, railways, seaway and all necessary measures taken by the airlines, he said.

Turhan said that they expect to be on the road with the 30 million citizens during the festival and that the highways and bridges operated by the General Directorate of Highways (KGM) will be free during the holidays.

Turhan stated that TCDD Tasimacilik AS will provide an additional capacity of 54 thousand seats in high-speed trains and conventional trains with additional voyages and wagons to meet the increasing passenger demand during the Feast of Sacrifice.

In this context, Turhan pointed out that on the 17th, 18th, 20th and 26th August, additional high-speed trains on the Ankara-Istanbul line formed an additional 3 thousand 288 seats capacity, and also 1 stamp on the Izmir Blue Train and 1 bunker on the Eastern Express. With 2 bed to the South-Kurtalan Express, 1 pulman to the Van Lake Express, with Erciyes, Fırat and Toros express. Halkalı-Kapıkul to, Halkalı-Uzunköprü, Usak-Basmane, Kütahya-Balıkesir, Islahiye-Mersin lines operating on the regional trains added two wagons to the wagon, the total number of 54 thousand seats due to the feast was provided, he said.

“Work will be interrupted unless it is mandatory on August 16-27”

Turhan emphasized that additional flights were also put in place in the airways and the road safety measures had been increased and, as in all holidays, the traffic will increase by 70 on the date of return and return.

Turhan, due to the intensity of feast traffic due to the ministry of land, sea, air and railways, taking all the measures that attract attention, said:

“In the areas where road construction, maintenance and repair works are carried out, the works will be suspended unless it is mandatory in August 16-27 in order not to affect the holiday traffic. Reflective materials on missing traffic signs, auto guardrails and edge posts on road routes will be completed and contaminated ones will be cleaned. Split road sections where construction, maintenance and repair works continue, the road's physical standard is low for different reasons, transportation is provided from a single platform as a round trip, will be marked to prevent drivers from misleading, previous signs will be reviewed, service roads will be kept in accordance with the standards. Short-term studies will be completed immediately, signs will be removed from the sections where the studies are completed. ”

Turhan, due to flood and landslide due to the lack of traffic on the roads in mind that these sections will be put on the repair approach plates by specifying, for various reasons in the road of traffic congestion occurred in these plates will be directed by traffic, he said.

Road construction, maintenance and repair in areas where traffic plates, signs and pins to be followed, the specified speed limit to be exceeded Turhan, drivers do not load over their capacity to take passengers and passengers, excessive rainy areas should be careful against the sudden landslide and collapse emphasized.

Turhan, KGM's website on the road condition of the drivers before the departure, on the telephone number 0 312 449 86 60 and 449 87 30 of the Highways Road Advisory or free Alo 159 line http://www.kgm.gov.tr He stated that it is important for safe travel to use alternative routes if possible, by obtaining information from the "Route Analysis" program and "Road Status" pages put into service at.

“Don't turn anyone's feast into pain”

President Decision of the build-operate-transfer (BOT) made bridges and highways except KGM operated by all motorways and heralding would be free during the holidays, bridges Turhan, transportation and access from the objectives of the ministry responsible citizens of the divided highway, with high-speed trains, Turkey He said that he met his loved ones with airports spread all over.

Turhan, said:

“We have only one request from our citizens. They should pay more attention to the traffic rules that we always have to obey, such as holidays. Sleepless, they should not go to alcohol. They should have their vehicles maintained before they leave. They should not turn anyone's feast into pain. On this occasion, I wish accident-free and trouble-free days and congratulate everyone's Eid al-Adha with my sincere wishes. ”



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