Ukraine Russia Train Trips to Be Suspended

ukraine russia train services to be suspended
ukraine russia train services to be suspended

Parlamneter of Ukraine Vladimir Omeljan Due to the troubles with Russia, 'We are considering the option of closing the railway communication with Moscow.' said.

The cut of the railway line, which is the most used road transportation between Russia and Ukraine, is expected to pose a major problem for the approximately 3 million Russian citizens living in Ukraine.

2017 1.4 is the 2018 million dollars in the last quarter of 300. Workers in the two countries who are concerned about this situation have stated that they will not use this route with the concern that the passengers will not have security of life and property.

In 013, 5.1 million trains used trains to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border. In recent years, although a significant reduction in passenger traffic in the last year, one million people needed rail transport.

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