New Regulation from UKOME to Commercial Yellow Taxis with Domestic Production Support

With the decision taken at the UKOME meeting of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on 16.08.2018; vehicles to be used in yellow taxi transportation in case of vehicle change for any reason; domestic production “C” segment has been decided.

In the meeting held in UKOME according to the demand of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality taxi driver and the conditions of the day, it was decided that the vehicles to be used in taxi transportation should be in the minimum D Segment in case of any vehicle change. With the new decision, yellow taxis will be able to serve in the "C" segment according to new conditions.
While only D segment can be transported with a turquoise color vehicle, they will also prefer C segment vehicles with a locality ratio of over 50 percent and use them in yellow color.

President Uysal recently called for support to domestic and national production at the Council meeting of the Union of Municipalities of Marmara. In this period, when the steps taken for wearing down the Turkish lira within the scope of the Uysal economic war and psychological perception operation; In addition to the measures taken by the state, local governments should take the necessary steps in the framework of their responsibility. President Uysal called for using local and national products for all local governments and related actors, especially the municipalities, and members of the MBB.
Mayor Mevlüt Uysal taxi driver tradesmen in the yellow taxis on the demands of the taxi shopkeepers to negotiate with the representatives of the new application was decided. The president drew attention to the consideration of domestic industry in decisions to be taken duly.

Those who will be operated as Turkuaz Taxi at the UKOME meeting; Turkuaz Taxi was decided to continue in the D segment.

If for any reason the vehicle if the changes produced in Turkey and content from 50% more than domestic ones at least a C segment vehicles (yellow color, Zero km, automatic transmission and airbag line that covers all the passengers) were opened in front their ability to choose to work with yellow same tariff.

Before the Metropolitan Municipality Law, taxis (Bordeaux Color) serving in districts other than Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Yellow Taxis in the city center were carrying passengers.

Throughout the years, both population and spatial development has been integrated with many districts and towns in Istanbul.

As a result of daily mobility and travel analyzes carried out by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the 532 taxi (CM-plate) Bordeaux taxis serving the Büyükçekmece and Sultanbeyli regions will start to serve as a T-plate. Taxis need to be Turkuaz and D sequel to work throughout Istanbul.

According to the decision taken by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center; 532-0 Taxi with C and M plates in the working areas of Büyükçekmece and Sultanbeyli

  • To be able to work in the whole of the yellow taxi working area with the arı T ulu serial plate provided that they pass to D-segment vehicles (Turkuaz Taxi),
  • T-plate taxis without the difference of the region (except Çatalca, Silivri and Şile) to receive passengers from anywhere,
  • In the Çatalca, Silivri and Şile districts, it was decided to continue the application of M-plate taxis in the existing regions only.

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