Turkey's First Humanoid Robot Factory You Akin Soft competition with the world

In Konya, a software company operating in the field of robotic technology "AKINSOFT", Turkey's first humanoid robot manufacturing company started production. . AkınRobotics X manufactures in 2 thousand square meters area, including 700 bin 11 square meters.

Robots, product introduction in shopping centers, brochure distribution, guide at bus stations or airports, shopkeepers in stores, distribution of drugs in hospitals, transportation of weight up to 10 kg. He can do.

AkınRobotics Motors, software and production, including everything is domestic and national. To date, the company that produces prototypes near 30 can produce all kinds of projects, especially Akıncı series, humanoid robots that can move with 5 senses, Island series used in service sector and robot soldiers designed according to terrain conditions.

With the technology of ADA GH5 and AKINROBOTICS, new humanoid robots will be able to compete with the whole world.

Source : I www.ilhamipektas.co



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