Public Transport Drivers Training in Adana Started with the Participation of Mayor Sözlü


Ör Public Transport Drivers Training ı organized by Adana Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department and lasted for seven business days started with the participation of Hüseyin Sözlü, Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality


In order to solve the problems of transportation trades in the city, we stick to the principle of üs We are successful together ü and provide quality and comfortable transportation for the citizens of Adana. Participants in the training program, which will take seven days to participate in the drivers' training and provide public transportation services in the city, will be given to the program of training programs in Adana at the opening of the training program which will be given on Free Travel Application, Traffic Legislation, Legislation Legislation, Communication and Behavior, Stress Management and Anger Control. will put, expressed the belief that the quality of transportation services will increase.


In his speech, Mr. Hüseyin Sözlü stated that the targets of Adana Metropolitan Municipality were to increase the quality of transportation and added that eden We have a responsibility to raise the standard of our nurses at the transportation point. Therefore, we are rejuvenating our fleet of vehicles. We've been rejuvenating our 143 tool since we took office, we had an 66 line and we have a 97 line. We extended the transportation network to the countryside. Ulaşım He stated that they are acting in accordance with the principle of ikna Successful Together ğı in the solution of the problems of transportation tradesmen in Adana and that they do not implement any practice in the city where the transportation tradesmen are not convinced.


Stating that the quality of service does not increase by simply increasing the number of vehicles, President Sözlü said, "When we withhold the graceful behavior ordered by us from our fellow citizens, the material service we provide to them does not matter. At this point, being human, raising the bar of success in our work, making efforts to improve ourselves by renewing ourselves every day, as well as having the training required by the laws and regulations, are among our indispensables for today. In Europe, in developed economies, besides their general education, people update their professional knowledge with various trainings every three months, or add new bracelets to their arms. Sometimes when vocational education is discussed in Turkey, people in European standards add many certificates and diplomas to their resumes when applying for jobs. There are expressions of a similar development in Turkey as well. In the coming period, vocational education is as important as in Europe. kazanI believe it will,” he said.

In the continuation of the speech, the Mayor of Adana Hüseyin Sözlü, the agenda of the busy traffic in the last days to respond to the allegations of the transportation to the card system during the transition to the problem and this problem will be solved in the near future, he said.

At the end of the six-month training, a six-month driver's certificate of conformity will be issued.

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