TOPÇA Completed Crossroads

Fatih Pistil, who shared information about the ongoing works at the TOPÇA Multi-Storey Junction, said, çalış TOPÇA Multi-story Junction, one of the new transportation project of 12, is completed quickly. Within the scope of the soil improvement works, 340 was placed in the project. Bridge feet in the direction of Karasu and bridge decking operations ended.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Fatih Pistil, continued to explain the work continued at the TOPÇA Junction. Pistil, eri In total, the two bridges of the bridge on the 11 axis were completed. Hopefully in the end of the year to work to be completed with a traffic jam in the city will not be experienced. Good luck. Hayır

340 Bored Pile
Pistil continued his statements as follows; I One of the new transportation project of 12, which is very important in the future of our city by our Metropolitan Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, was TOPÇA Katlı Junction. Within the scope of the ground improvement works, 340 has been completed with 300 from the bored pile. Bridge feet and bridge deck operations in the direction of Karasu ended. The bridge feet in the direction of Ada AVM are about to be completed. The displacement of the high voltage line necessary for the removal of the axles between the axes in front of the TOPÇA in the direction of Adapazarı was carried out by our Metropolitan Municipality. The project is quickly completed. Hopefully by the end of the year will be completed with the work will be presented, tamamlan he said.

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