President Şahin, deputies told the services

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, the AK Party Gaziantep deputies organized a trip program told about. Providing information about the ongoing projects, Şahin, the deputies received full marks. The deputies who had the opportunity to examine the construction works for the projects that would change the face of the city, thanked to President Şahin for his successful work on behalf of the Gaziantepites.

AK Party Gaziantep Provincial Chairman Eyup Özkeçeci, AK Party deputies Ahmet Uzer, Mehmet Erdogan, Nejat Kocer, Ali Sahin, Derya Bakbak, Muslum Yuksel and Sait Kirazoglu participated in the review program, the work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality at different points were closely seen.

Transferring his services to the deputies during his 4-year term, Mayor Fatma Şahin shared the details of every project he went with with the deputies. Gaziray project work rapidly began with the stadium construction is progressing program, 250 thousand people will live 50 thousand houses, Turkey will be one of the largest housing estate "Northern Town" project and the North in the city center and will connect Gaziantep North Pistachio Way Viaduct continued by examining the construction. The program was completed with a visit to Panorama 25 December Museum, Center for Disabled Living, Another Gluten Free Cafe, Nurgana Park and Tüfekçi Yusuf Park.

In addition, the President of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Urban Transformation Coordination Center President and his entourage, Nizip Street Urban Transformation Project received information from the authorities.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, Erik'te Culinary Arts Center (MSM) held an evaluation meeting with the Metropolitan Municipality in detail discussed the investments.

Gaziantep MPs of the AK Party, the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they were satisfied with the investments, President Sahin, for his outstanding efforts thanked.

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