Medina Station, the last stop of the historical Hejaz Railway, became music hall

hejaz train
hejaz train

Medina Station, the last stop of the historic Hijaz Railway, became a music hall: The last stop of the Hijaz Railway, which was built during the reign of Abdulhamid, was abandoned to its fate for years and now it has been turned into an open air music hall. It is possible to watch animation shows with Western music.

SULTAN 2. Medina was one of the most important stops of the Hejaz Railway, which was built by Abdul Hamid and brought thousands of people to the pilgrimage journey each year. Despite all the attempts of Turkey are not allowed to reopen the Hejaz Railway Station, which is also the last stop of Medina, after being abandoned for years now it has been converted into an open-air cabaret fate. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Muslims visit the Medina, which is only one kilometer away from the garden of the station, where music and entertainment are rising.

The station was restored in recent years and opened as a museum. A period of time visited by the Turkish pilgrims and the Umrah train station, now the pilgrims 'places to visit' is not on the list. The station now serves as a tea garden and an open-air music hall. The entrance to the venue is 10 rial per person. Turkish currency is about 20. The Arabic-Hicaz article welcomes you at the entrance. Upon arrival, the staff cuts the museum ticket. Although they do not show their faces behind the sales departments, women work. Inside, there are playgrounds for children and converted buffets from historical wagons. Visitors to the open-air music hall enjoy the evening tea and hookah and watch the animation shows accompanied by Western music. The old wagons and locomotives were restored and the living spaces were created. Some wagons are not served alcohol in the place where food and beverages are served. There is even a bar where interesting fruit cocktails are served.

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