TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınEid al-Adha Message

Precious Passengers,

Dear Colleagues,

We are experiencing the joy and happiness of having another Feast of Sacrifice where the feelings of friendship, brotherhood and sharing have reached their peak.

Our railway mobilization initiated by the directives of our President to increase our country above the level of contemporary civilizations continues rapidly.

We continue to work intensively on domestic and national production, which is the basis of our country's economic independence.

We work day and night to increase the number of YHT stations on high-speed rail lines with 33 km high-speed and fast rail network, where we serve 1.213 in Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya and Konya-Istanbul.

We started to make our logistics base in the region of Turkey and we are continuing our efforts to establish logistics centers we opened a total 9 so far

The fact that the 8 project, which is one of the projects we are conducting, is included in the 100 Daily Execution Program and the number of 5 has been announced by the President of the Republic of Turkey personally has increased our responsibilities as well as our honors.

As the Railway Family of 30 thousand people, we will endeavor to fulfill the duties and responsibilities we have undertaken against our state and nation.

With these feelings and thoughts, I celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice together with the families of our passengers and colleagues, and hope that the feast will bring good to the world of Islam and all mankind.

TCDD General Manager



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