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Speaking at the 8th and 35th Vocational Committees Extended Sectoral Analysis Meeting, which includes companies operating in the machinery sector, BTSO Vice Chairman Cüneyt Şener said that the majority of the investors in TEKNOSAB will be the representatives of the machinery sector, adding that “TEKNOSAB will add great power to the development of our sector.” said.

Professional committees within the BTSO continue to identify sectoral roadmaps with extended sectoral analysis meetings. 8 where companies operating in the machinery sector. and 35. Profession Committees Extended Sectoral Analysis Meeting was held at BTSO Service Building. BTSO Vice Chairman Cüneyt Şener, council members and committee members attended the meeting and sector representatives showed great interest.


Speaking at the meeting, BTSO Vice Chairman Cüneyt Şener said that the machinery sector is a sector that is constantly developing and has important dynamics. Indicating that Bursa is a rising city on the basis of machinery, automotive and textile sectors, Şener said temel Our sector is growing day by day. Last year, our exports in Bursa rose close to 20. In addition to this increase, new investments continue in the sector. TEKNOSAB, which will be implemented under the leadership of our chamber, is one of these important investments. The investors here will be mainly from the machinery sector. TEKNOSAB will add great strength to the development of our sector. Gelişim


BTSO members of the global arena in order to grow their business in order to implement significant projects Cuneyt Sener, the Ministry of support provided by the 10 separate UR-GE projects achieved significant successes, he said. Şener pointed out that they have pioneered the opening up of the sectors to the world through institutionalization studies and foreign promotion activities within the scope of the projects, and they added that they have brought more new exporters to 4 over the last 1.000 years with the contribution of activities carried out within the scope of UR-GE. Emphasizing the importance of the supports provided under UR-GE, Şener said,, 4,5 million dollars state support is provided per UR-GE. This support is offered to our sectors to be used in activities such as procurement committees, overseas marketing activities, training and consultancy. In addition to 75 state support, 10 supports our participants in the project. Our companies should benefit from these opportunities more. Iz


DurmazlarCüneyt Şener also mentioned the importance of ihracatDurmazlartram exports to Poland was one of the most important arguments used in explaining the potential of our country's economy. As industrialists, we need to support this success and move forward. Bursa's knowledge, experience, technology and infrastructure have the power to achieve this. In addition to rail systems, we should make Bursa one of the most important production centers in the world in high value added space aviation and defense sectors. ”


In his speech, BTSO Councilor Hüseyin Durmaz emphasized that the machinery sector is working in a strong unity and harmony under the roof of BTSO. Stating that this unity should be maintained, Durmaz said, ğ The most important element that will carry our sector forward is our unity and solidarity. We must work with this understanding and continue to add value to the economy. Kat


After the speeches Durmazlar General Director of Rail Systems Abdullah Bocan made a presentation. In his presentation, Abdullah Bocan informed the sector representatives about their work in the rail systems sector where they started to invest in 2009. Abdullah Bocan stated that as a company, 3 has realized the production of different vehicles, the entire design, software and production activities of the vehicles. Durmazlar It was realized by the engineers. In Turkey, the total 98 means that the information is used in the city rail transit Bocan, where foreign manufacturers mainly in Turkey's market is that they managed to increase their market share up to 4 percent was noticed.


Indicating that they work with more than half of the local suppliers of 200, which is composed of half of the Bursa industrialists, Abdullah Bocan said that they aim to move the 60 level to 100 as soon as possible. In the 2020 Bursa industrialists would perform reminiscent of the first export in Turkey with the support of Poland's rail system in the city of Olsztyn Bocan, "We signed our first agreement with the contributions of our exports from Bursa industrialists. We will work harder in the coming period in order to provide services in different cities of our country and in the world by means of our brand representing Bursa. Am

BTSO UR-GE Project experts presenting the meeting, BTSO Vice Chairman Cüneyt Şener Durmazlar Holding Chairman of the Board Hüseyin Durmaz and Durmazlar Holding Vice Chairman Fatma Durmaz ended with a plaque presentation to Yılbirlik for its first export success in the rail systems sector.

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