Public Transportation Vehicles Inspected in Demirci

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality carries out its inspections throughout the province in order to ensure the peaceful and safe public transportation of citizens. In this context, public transportation services were inspected in Demirci district center and neighborhoods.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which brings a new and modern breath to transportation with its transformation movement in the public transportation that it has implemented throughout the province, also carries out its inspections periodically in order to avoid any negativity. In this context, the municipal police affiliated to the Directorate of Transportation Directorate of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality supervised the public transportation vehicles in the district of Demirci. The teams of the Metropolitan Municipality, which carefully examined all points from the air conditioner to the disabled ramp, aimed to make the citizens travel more comfortably. Citizens will be able to benefit from public transportation service in a comfortable and hassle-free manner.

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