Signage at Metro Istanbul Will Change for New Logo

The new logo of Metro Istanbul, which is criticized for the similarity of the logo of the Sofia metro, has been used. With the logo, Istanbul Metro signs will also change. This change will cost 6 million TL.

In the 2016, the new 'metro' logo introduced by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was criticized for being quoted in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Not used by the former Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş, the new logo was used by Mevlüt Uysal.

This logo was also used on the congratulations of the Feast of Sacrifice, which is alleged to be the subject of criticism and allegedly cost 9 million pounds. With the new logo, metro signs and totems in Istanbul will be renewed with the new logo.


After Kadir Topbaş's resignation, Mevlüt Uysal from Başakşehir Municipality came to the seat and sat down in September. In December, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Facilities Maintenance and Repair Directorate went to tender for totems and signs. The tender was signed in January with the title of 'purchase of signage, totem and steering panels for municipal buildings and public buildings throughout Istanbul'. The winning company will change the total 7 bin 396 signage from totems to aluminum routing signs to be used in Istanbul.

SözcüAccording to the news of Bora Erdin, the total cost of this tender was 5 million 430 thousand pounds.


The name of Istanbul Metro was changed two years ago and 'Metro İstanbul' was built. However, the logo of Metro Istanbul has also changed. However, the new logo was originally found not to be original. The revamped logo of Metro Istanbul on 2016 has been shown to be quoted from Sofia Metro. The old logo continued to be used in the new lines opened in two years. Metro Istanbul, which operates the existing tram, metro, light metro, funicular and ropeway lines in Istanbul, has been using this name only for its corporate identity since Metro Istanbul 2016.

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