Indigenous and National Trambus are Coming to Sanliurfa

With its historical and cultural richness, it has a special place in the world tourism. Bozankaya Trambuses will be activated.

Bozankaya, After the 20 Trambus, which is produced for Malatya and provides the convenience of public transportation, now produces 10 XMUMX trambuses for Sanliurfa Municipality. Besides trambuses, energy power supply, catenary, control, signaling, communication equipment and administrative building will be delivered to Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality in the coming months.

Bozankaya Trambuses will carry an average of 7 thousand passengers per day on the 60 kilometer line of Balıklıgöl.

Trambuses, which can be produced in alternative lengths such as 18-21-24-30 meters, have the capacity of a passenger near the rail system, because it has a rail system body, which takes its power from the power line (kataner system) along the road and which is charged by the battery system where there is no power line. railway trolleybus with low cost of infrastructure and freedom of movement due to the use of the highway.

Bozankaya Trambuses are electric, new passenger transportation capacity, economic and environmentally friendly in energy consumption and it is the new public transportation vehicle of the modern age. Trambuses, which stand out with the low initial investment cost, provide quality and safe transportation for the passengers. These Trambuses, which work with the principle of zero emissions, also pioneer in environmental awareness.

The length of the Trambus to be produced for Urfa: 24.7 m, Passenger Capacity: 240 person, Max.Highness: 70 km / h.

Ilhami Pektas

📩 24/12/2018 15:51

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