Support to the attacked BURULAŞ employees from trade unions

Bursa, 'beaten and injured at the beginning of their duties' in the press statement to support the employees BURULAS members of the Trade Union Union, wanted to be punished.

BURULAS General Manager Mehmet Kursat Capar, the rights of the passengers as well as the rights of employees, indicating that the Bursa, bus drivers, homeland and subway officers would follow the attacks, he said.

The attacks against the personnel operating in the field affiliated with BURULAŞ by the Demiryol-İş Union were strongly condemned. Union members who came together at Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal supported their battered colleagues by shouting "No to violence".


Participating in the press statement, which included the members of the Railway-İş Union, Türk-İş Confederation and Türk-İş union members, BURULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar said that they carried out an important service in Bursa with a giant staff of 2 people. Stating that they are struggling to catch the better, they do not include those who have the wrong attitude towards the passengers, but stated that they act together for the personnel who are attacked while performing the task. Stating that the staff who were exposed to violence could not go beyond their duties and could not defend themselves from the driver's seat, Çapar said, “They did not even move to defend themselves during the fight, as we taught in the trainings. One of our brothers did not respond to the risk of losing his eyes, and two of our friends did not respond at the expense of breaking his feet. How we have become this as a society, we do not understand. The mass, which does not even represent 600 percent in the society, believes that it will solve the problems with every opportunity. We will not allow them any opportunity. As BURULAŞ, we stand behind our staff. We provide all kinds of support regarding legal transactions to be carried out. Neither did we have any suggestion or request for the agreement of the parties. Even if they give up, we will be followers of these cases in the form of a public trial. ”


Noting that the passengers have the rights as well as the employees, Çapar stated that they will continue to act within the framework provided by the rule of law. Capar said that they care about unionization and believe that the struggle will add strength to both staff and BURULAŞ. Our staff will both look for their rights and respect the rights of passengers. We are against violence. We work with our tradesmen in the terminal we operate. Instead of costing some of the unknowing trades, we should separate such people from us. We will not give bullies the opportunity. Our Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş also pioneered us in taking important steps to protect the rights of tradesmen and workers ”.

Cemal Yaman, Chairman of the Sakarya Branch, Demiryol-İş Union, said that they condemned the attacks against BURULAŞ employees with violence and hatred. Emphasizing that similar events have increased in recent days against the personnel trying to provide the best transportation service to Bursa residents, Yaman said, “On 19 April, security officer Cerziş Tokgöz at the Caryatağı station, on 10 June, the security officer Serdar Şahin, who was interfering with the traffic on the passenger, on the 15th of June, at the bus stop at Şehreküstü bus stop. Attacked 'bus driver Mehmet Yalvaç, bus driver Mustafa Çintaş was attacked and battered on 27 July. We condemn such events with disgust. We know that the people of Bursa are with us, along with our Metropolitan Mayor, BURULAŞ General Manager and managers, against the attacks. The attacks will not decrease our love of work and service. We invite the authorities to the task so that these events do not go unrequited and the law is applied more effectively to such people ”.

Türk-İş Bursa 8th Regional Representative Sabri Özdemir strongly condemned the attacks against people who served in public office. State asking them to take action against the perpetrators of such acts Ozdemir, president of the General Confederation of Labor Unions of Turkey Ergun Atalay read the message.

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:55

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