“Death Hazard İstanbul at Istanbul New Airport

At the third airport in Istanbul, tunnels with chemical cables were closed and signs of death were hung on the tunnel entrances.

29 brought the case of poisoning to Odatv two days ago at the 3 Airport, which is stated to be opened in October.

According to Odatv, during the construction of the airport cable in the underground tunnel 10 to 15 worker was taken to Arnavutköy State Hospital with the complaint of poisoning and was under treatment. In the case of poisoning, the workers did not have a serious health problem and the region was quarantined.

New developments took place in 3 airport construction after the news of Odatv. According to the information coming to Odatv, the cable tunnels were closed and the signposts were hung to the tunnel entrances. Chemical cables in the region were collected by AFAD teams.

Here is the current photo of the tunnels at the 3 airport where poisoning occurred:

Source: odatv.com

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