Pre-Bayram Density Was Experienced in Fırat Express

The hikes in the transportation fees directed the citizens to the train. Due to the flood of many passengers on the Euphrates Express, some survivors.

When the rise in the dollar caused an exorbitant increase in transportation fees, citizens preferred the cheap train for the holiday journey. As the intensity of the holiday increased compared to last year, some passengers remained standing on the Fırat Express, which traveled between Elazig and Adana. There were discussions between the passengers with tickets and the railway officials.

Adana-Malatya train ticket, which was 20 lira last year, increased by 1 lira this year. However, bus tickets have increased by 50 to 60 percent since last year. Bus companies charge tickets from Adana to Malatya at 65-70 lira. When this was the case, citizens preferred the train for their holidays. However, high demand caused many passengers to survive on the Fırat Express, which travels between Elazig and Adana.

For the train that will depart at 08.35 in Adana, many families came from 06.00 and 07.00 in the morning and tried to get a place in the wagons.

5 sold online. The fact that the wagons other than the wagon were not numbered also caused controversy. Some citizens reacted to the lack of additional wagons. Railway workers stated that additional wagons were placed before the feast and that the reaction was not correct and that they were not responsible for the events. Passengers, more than the number of seats reacted to the sale of rail tickets, the train ticket is a large number of passengers, he said.

Due to the reactions to the conductors, there was a short-term brawl.

Photo: Halil İmrek / UNIVERSAL


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